Windows Forms TreeView Overview

4 Feb 20221 minute to read

WinForms TreeView control displays a collection of data in hierarchical tree structure and the data in tree view can be expanded and collapsed. TreeViewAdv offers many advanced features like drag-and-drop, load on demand, context menus and data binding that can make the control unique and extraordinary. While the TreeViewAdv exposes some global styles that are to be applied for all the nodes, the TreeNodeAdv lets the users to specify styles for a specific node. The control comes with complete design time support.

Overview of Syncfusion TreeViewAdv

Key Features

  • Enabling enhanced performance by Virtualization support

  • Data binding support.

  • Select multiple items using the CTRL+ SHIFT keys.

  • Provides support for advanced drag and drop of the nodes.

  • TreeViewAdv can associate the context menus with the option to show and hide wherever necessary

  • Provides automatic scrolling support for the TreeViewAdv

  • Customize the complete look and feel of the control.

  • Sort TreeViewAdv items at run time.

  • Add images to expanded and collapsed states of TreeViewAdv.

  • Add images as left, right and state image sources to the TreeNodeAdv.


You can also explore our WinForms TreeView example that shows you how to render and configure the TreeView.