Getting Started with Windows Forms Navigation Drawer

2 Nov 20227 minutes to read

This section explains how to display the items and adjust the image positions using Windows Forms NavigationDrawer control.

Assembly deployment

Refer to the control dependencies section to get the list of assemblies or NuGet package that needs to be added as a reference to use the control in any application.

You can find more details about installing the NuGet packages in a Windows Forms application in the following link:

How to install nuget packages

Create a simple application with NavigationDrawer

In this walk through, user will create a Windows Forms application that contains NavigationDrawer control.

Create a project

Create a new Windows Forms project in Visual Studio to display the NavigationDrawer control with its sliding panel at different sides.

Adding control via designer

The NavigationDrawer control can be added to an application by dragging it from the toolbox and dropping it in designer. The following assembly references will be added automatically.

  • Syncfusion.Grid.Base.dll
  • Syncfusion.Grid.Windows.dll
  • Syncfusion.Shared.Base.dll
  • Syncfusion.Shared.Windows.dll
  • Syncfusion.Tools.Base.dll
  • Syncfusion.Tools.Windows.dll

wf navigation drawer control added by designer

Add items to NavigationDrawer

The header and menu items can be added to drawer using the Items collection in smart tags of NavigationDrawer.

wf navigation drawer items added by designer

Adding control manually in C#

To add the control manually in C#, follow the given steps:

  1. Add the following required assembly references to the project:

    • Syncfusion.Grid.Base.dll
    • Syncfusion.Grid.Windows.dll
    • Syncfusion.Shared.Base.dll
    • Syncfusion.Shared.Windows.dll
    • Syncfusion.Tools.Base.dll
    • Syncfusion.Tools.Windows.dll
  2. Include the Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools namespace.

using Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools;
Imports Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools
  1. Create a NavigationDrawer instance, and add it to the window.

NavigationDrawer navigationDrawer1 = new NavigationDrawer();
Dim navigationDrawer1 As NavigationDrawer = New NavigationDrawer
  1. Set the width and height to the drawer view.

this.navigationDrawer1.DrawerWidth = this.Width/4;
   this.navigationDrawer1.DrawerHeight = this.Height;
Me.navigationDrawer1.DrawerWidth = Me.Width/4
   Me.navigationDrawer1.DrawerHeight = Me.Height
  1. Add header to the NavigationDrawer.

Create a DrawerHeader instance, and add it to the Items collection in NavigationDrawer.

DrawerHeader drawerHeader1 = new DrawerHeader();
Dim drawerHeader1 As DrawerHeader = New DrawerHeader

wf navigation drawer header item added

  1. Add MenuItems to NavigationDrawer.

Create a DrawerMenuItem instance, and add it to the Items collection in the NavigationDrawer class.

DrawerMenuItem drawerMenuItem1 = new DrawerMenuItem();
DrawerMenuItem drawerMenuItem2 = new DrawerMenuItem();
DrawerMenuItem drawerMenuItem3 = new DrawerMenuItem();
DrawerMenuItem drawerMenuItem4 = new DrawerMenuItem();
DrawerMenuItem drawerMenuItem5 = new DrawerMenuItem();

Dim drawerMenuItem1 As DrawerMenuItem = New DrawerMenuItem
Dim drawerMenuItem2 As DrawerMenuItem = New DrawerMenuItem
Dim drawerMenuItem3 As DrawerMenuItem = New DrawerMenuItem
Dim drawerMenuItem4 As DrawerMenuItem = New DrawerMenuItem


wf naigation drawer menu items added

You can change the sliding position of the NavigationDrawer control by using Position property.

The sliding position options of the NavigationDrawer is given below,

  • Left– Slides from left direction.
  • Right– Slides from right direction.
  • Top– Slides from Top direction.
  • Bottom– Slides from Bottom direction.
//Setting side bar position 
this.navigationDrawer1.Position = SlidePosition.Left;
'Setting side bar position 
Me.navigationDrawer1.Position = SlidePosition.Left
  • Left

wf naigation drawer left view

  • Right

wf naigation drawer right view

  • Top

wf naigation drawer top view

  • Bottom

wf naigation drawer bottom view

Setting image to an item

The NavigationDrawer allows setting image to each menu item using Image property.

//Setting image to the menu item 
this.drawerMenuItem1.Image = Image.FromFile(@"../../Audit-WF.png");
'Setting side bar position 
Me.drawerMenuItem1.Image = Image.FromFile(@"../../Audit-WF.png")

Navigation drawer menu item image

Positioning Text and Image

The text and image positions can be adjusted for the menu items using the TextAlign and TextImageRelation property.

//Setting TextImageRelation to an item 
this.drawerMenuItem1.TextAlign = TextAlignment.Center;
this.drawerMenuItem1.TextImageRelation = TextImageRelation.TextBeforeImage;
'Setting TextImageRelation to an item 
Me.drawerMenuItem1.TextAlign = TextAlignment.Center
Me.drawerMenuItem1.TextImageRelation = TextImageRelation.TextBeforeImage

Setting TextImageRelation to an item


You can also explore our WinForms Navigation Drawer example that shows you how to render and configure the navigation drawer.