Appearance and Behavior Settings in Windows Forms Double TextBox

27 Apr 20211 minute to read

This section discusses the complete Appearance and behavior settings of Double TextBox.

Border Style

3D border styles and colors can be applied for the border of Double TextBox. Refer Border styles of Currency textbox for details.


Colors can be applied for Double textbox when its value is positive, negative or zero. Refer Color Settings of Currency textbox for details.

Visual Style

Please refer the TextBoxExt Visual style to set themes for DoubleTextBox.

Keyboard Support

Double TextBox supports keyboard support. Refer Clipboard Support of Currency textbox in detail.

Overflow Indicator

Overflow indicator will be shown when the value of Double TextBox goes beyond the control’s size. Refer Overflow Indicator of Currency textbox in detail.


The Double TextBox class is globalization aware and uses System.Globalization.CultureInfo for locale-specific information. ReferGlobalization of Currency textbox in detail.

Active When Disabled

We can make the control active even when it is in Disable mode. Refer Active When Disabled of Currency textbox in detail.