CheckBoxAdv Settings in Windows Forms CheckBox (CheckBoxAdv)

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This section discusses the various states of the CheckBoxAdv control and the method of associating values with the states.

CheckBoxAdv States

The CheckBoxAdv states can be changed by using CheckState or Checked property.

CheckBoxAdv Property Description
CheckState Gets or sets the check state of the CheckBox. It includes Unchecked,Checked and Indeterminate options.
Checked Gets or sets the checked state of the CheckBox.
this.checkBoxAdv1.CheckState = System.Windows.Forms.CheckState.Checked;
this.checkBoxAdv1.Checked = true;
Me.checkBoxAdv1.CheckState = System.Windows.Forms.CheckState.Checked
Me.checkBoxAdv1.Checked = True

Windows forms CheckBoxAdv various states

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CheckBoxAdv Values

You can customize the values associated with the various check states of CheckBoxAdv control. Both integer and string values can be associated with the check states.

CheckBoxAdv Properties Description
CheckedInt Specifies the integer value when checked.
CheckedString Specifies the string value when checked.
IndeterminateInt Specifies the integer value when indeterminate.
IndeterminateString Specifies the string value when indeterminate.
UncheckedInt Specifies the integer value when Unchecked.
UncheckedString Specifies the string value when Unchecked.
StringValue Gets or sets the string value.
BoolValue Gets or sets a value indicating the check state. This property can be set to use bool values for data binding. Refer

Frequently Asked Questions section

IntValue Gets or sets the int value. Refer

Frequently Asked Questions section

this.checkBoxAdv1.CheckedInt = 3;
this.checkBoxAdv1.CheckedString = "CheckBoxAdv is Checked";
this.checkBoxAdv1.IndeterminateInt = 5;
this.checkBoxAdv1.IndeterminateString = "CheckBoxAdv is Indeterminate";

this.checkBoxAdv1.UncheckedInt = 3;
this.checkBoxAdv1.UncheckedString = "CheckBoxAdv is Unchecked";
this.checkBoxAdv1.StringValue = "String";
this.checkBoxAdv1.IntValue = 5;
this.checkBoxAdv1.BoolValue = true;
Me.checkBoxAdv1.CheckedInt = 3
Me.checkBoxAdv1.CheckedString = "CheckBoxAdv is Checked"
Me.checkBoxAdv1.IndeterminateInt = 5
Me.checkBoxAdv1.IndeterminateString = "CheckBoxAdv is Indeterminate"

Me.checkBoxAdv1.UncheckedInt = 3
Me.checkBoxAdv1.UncheckedString = "CheckBoxAdv is Unchecked"
Me.checkBoxAdv1.StringValue = "String"
Me.checkBoxAdv1.IntValue = 5
Me.checkBoxAdv1.BoolValue = True