Migration to latest Syncfusion User Management Server

Follow the below steps to upgrade the Syncfusion User Management Server App Service to the latest source from older versions.

  1. Login to Azure portal: https://portal.azure.com.

  2. Select User Management Server App Services.

  3. Choose Deployment options in the left panel of the User Management Server App Service.

    Deployment options

  4. Once the deployment option is clicked, the deployment blade will be opened. Select the Choose Source.

    Choose Source

  5. Select the External Repository in the choose source tab.

    External Repository

  6. Now, fill the below details in the deployment option blade.

    Deployment option for External repository

  7. Click OK in the deployment setting blade. The “Successfully set up deployment source” notification will be shown in the notification blade.

    Success notification of Deployment option

  8. Select the Sync button in the deployment option blade, and then click the Yes in synchronize source control confirmation pop-up.

    Sync button

    Sync Confirmation

  9. Synchronization request submitted notification is shown in the notification blade and synchronization progress is shown in the deployment options blade.

    Synchronization Status

  10. Please wait until synchronization is completed.

    Synchronization Completed

  11. Restart the User Management Server App Service.

Restart the WebJobs

Follow the below steps to restart the WebJobs.

  1. Select WebJobs in the left panel of the latest User Management Server App Service.

  2. Choose UserManagementServerScheduler WebJobs, and click the stop.

    Stop Web job

  3. Once the status for UserManagementServerScheduler WebJobs is changed to stopped, click the start.

    Start Web job