User Management Server Azure Deployment

This section explains on how to deploy the user management Server application into Azure cloud.

Create New User Management server Web App

  • Click here to open the Azure portal user management server Web App.

    Azure portal Syncfusion User Management Server Web app

  • Click on Create button to proceed further.

Steps to create new User Management server Web App


  • Provide the unique app name for the creating the User Management server in Azure Web App.

    App Name and resource group configuration
    N> The name must be between 3 and 24 characters long, and can contain only numbers and lowercase letters.

Storage Type

  • Select Storage Type for storing files the user management server generates. A complete list of files generated by the user management server can be viewed here.

    Azure Web App Storage type selection

  • There are two types of storage type.
    • File Storage
    • Azure Blob
  • If selected storage type is File Storage then select ok button.
  • If selected storage type is Azure blob then give the storage name and select storage account type in the Create storage account section.

    Storage account creation

  • Click on OK button to proceed next step.
  • Check the summary for all the details provided before then click on ok.

    Summary of All the steps

  • Read the privacy policy and click on purchase button.

    Purchase agreement

  • Click on the purchase button Syncfusion User Management server deployment will get started.