Manage Groups

This section explains on how to add, edit, delete groups and also on how to assign users and manage permissions to groups in the Syncfusion Report Server.

Groups is a collection of users to which permissions can be assigned.

Manage Groups

Add new group

To add new group to the Report Server, click on New Group in the groups management page.

New groups can be added by providing name and description(optional) for the group.

Add Groups

Fill the form with name and description and click on Add. New group will be created and you can add users or manage permissions for it.

Edit group

Group Information can be edited from the group’s edit page.

Edit Group

Group name and description can be edited in the group edit page. In addition to that, users can also be assigned or removed from the group in this page.

Delete group

Groups can be deleted if it is no longer needed. You cannot delete the System Administrator group.

From group management page

Delete group from group management page

From group edit page

Delete group from group edit page

Assign users

Users can be assigned to the selected group there by assigning the permissions of the group to the users.

Assign Users

Users can also be removed from the group if the user no longer needs the permissions of the group. Click on Remove next to the user in the group edit page to remove the user from the group.

Assign Users

Manage permissions

Check the Manage Permissions section to learn how to manage permissions to a group.

REST API Reference

The following table illustrates the list of available APIs related to groups in Syncfusion Report Server.

Action HTTP Method Endpoint Description
AddGroup POST /api/v1.0/groups Adds a group to the server. Group name should be passed as input.
GetGroups GET /api/v1.0/groups Returns the list of groups on the server.
EditGroup PUT /api/v1.0/groups/{id} Modifies information about a specified group.
DeleteGroup DELETE /api/v1.0/groups/{id} Deletes the specified group on the server.
GetGroupDetail GET /api/v1.0/groups/{id} Returns group details on the server for a specified group.
GetUsersFromGroup GET /api/v1.0/groups/{id}/users Returns a list of users on the server for the specified group.
AddUserToGroup POST /api/v2.0/groups/{id}/users Add user(s) to the particular group. Provide Group ID in the path parameter and the user IDs in request body.
DeleteUserFromGroup DELETE /api/v2.O/groups/{id}/users Delete user(s) from the particular group. Provide Group ID in the path parameter and the user IDs in request body.


ID of the group should be passed in path parameter for Update group, Delete group, Get particular group detail, Get users of group APIs.