Release Notes v1.1.0.34 

October 1, 2015

This section describes the release notes for the Syncfusion Report Server version It includes the newly added features, bug fixes done and how to upgrade the older version to the new version.

What’s New

Refer to the following list of upgrades done in this version.

  • Enabled version commenting while editing files in the Report Server to log the changes in the new file version.
  • Shown inactive users in the groups page to add them in a group.

Bug Fixes

Refer to the following list of bugs fixed in this version.

  • No notification is shown when the user try to create a report without a category.
  • Report can be saved without adding/selecting a data source.
  • Unable to view the version history for the cloned reports.
  • Unable to upload a report in IE 10 browser in Windows 8 OS.
  • Save button is not enabled after the report name is given and RDL file in Add/Edit report dialog.
  • When a report/data source is rolled back or deleted, the corresponding logs are not shown in the file log.
  • Users listing grid is not updated automatically, while adding user into a group
  • Current owner of the report is set as the owner for the copied report.
  • Category column in shown filtered by default when navigating to All Reports from a category.
  • Unable to add files in IE 10, Windows 8 OS.
  • Schedules listing grid is not updated automatically while updating schedules.
  • Delete option for System Administrator is showing in IE 11, Windows Server 2012 R2 OS.
  • Unable to delete the user in the user management page and unable to close the delete dialog in the Windows Server 2012 RS OS.
  • Unable to assign groups to users when giving maximum number of characters in description.
  • Validation messages not showing in the add user dialog in IE 9 browser.
  • Not redirected to groups management page while deleting a group in the group edit page.
  • Deleted user is showing as undefined in the add user drop down in groups edit page.
  • Alignment issues in delete user dialog box in groups edit page in Firefox and Chrome browsers, Windows Server 2012 R2 OS.
  • After adding permissions to an user/group, the selected values are being reset.
  • Drop downs are not working in page not found(404) and internal server error(500) pages.
  • Unable to login in other language OS.
  • Unable to login in other language SQL Sever and different date format SQL Server.


Refer to the following steps to upgrade the Syncfusion Report Server from an older version to this version.

  • Download the latest Syncfusion Report Server from here.
  • Follow the installation steps from here

Report Server updates the database schema of your current version to the new version.


For SQL databases, make sure you have a valid network connection to the database while upgrading to the new version.