Overview of .NET MAUI DataForm (SfDataForm)

19 Dec 20221 minute to read

The Syncfusion .NET MAUI DataForm (SfDataForm) control is used to create or edit data form such as login, reservation, contact, employee form and more based on the business purpose.

Key features

  • Editors: Support built-in editors such as text, password, multi-line, combo box, autocomplete, date, time, checkbox, switch, and radio group editors the primitive data types such as string, enumeration, DateTime and TimeSpan.

  • Custom editor: Support to add custom editors.

  • Validation: Built-in support to validate the data or user input to alert the user to enter a proper value.

  • Commit mode: Support to determine when the value should be committed to the underlying data object.

  • Layout and grouping: Supports grouping, linear and grid layout.

  • Appearance Customization: Supports customizing the appearances of editors, labels and group headers.