Essential Studio for JavaScript Release Notes

November 10,2107


Essential JS 1 is the first-generation jQuery based JavaScript UI framework from Syncfusion that was initially released in July 2013. This framework has been in active development for more than four years, and it is feature rich and mature. It also includes support for all popular browsers including older browsers like IE8. We will continue to develop, maintain and support this version for several more years. However, please note that new feature development will only occur in Essential JS 1 if an equivalent control is not yet available in Essential JS 2.

Starting with the Volume 4 2017 release, we have also shipped a beta version of the second generation of the Essential JS library (Essential JS 2). This new library has several advantages over the first-generation library as it has been built from the ground up to be more modular, lightweight, responsive, fast, and has no external dependencies. Nevertheless, it only supports modern browsers starting from IE11 and currently only includes a subset of the controls available in Essential JS 1. Please note that we will ensure that any control in Essential JS 2 will have feature parity with its equivalent in Essential JS 1 before it is officially released.

Here are some guidelines for choosing between these two frameworks.

Existing applications

  • Continue to use Essential JS 1 unless you need access to a new feature or control exclusively available in Essential JS 2. We will also be happy to provide any required assistance for migration.
  • Selectively use controls from Essential JS 2

New applications

  • We recommend using Essential JS 2 unless a control is exclusively available in Essential JS 1.


  • Essential Studio for JavaScript components are now compatible with the latest version of jQuery 3.2.1

Bug Fixes

  • #185677 - In MAC OS, “ej-controls fonts was displayed in Times New Roman” issue has been fixed.



  • Provided search indices support for multicolumn pop-up, display format and search fields in the multicolumn autocomplete control can now be differentiated.

Bug fixes

  • #187724 - Issue with two-way binding for selectValueByKey property in multiSelectMode has been fixed.

  • #187140, #187166 - Issue with complex JSON data binding for the Autocomplete has been fixed.

  • #190444 - Script error on searching null values has been resolved.

  • #189459 - Issue with adding duplicate items on double clicking the items in multiSelectMode has been fixed.

  • #188411 - Issue with numeric data source in Autocomplete Visual Mode is fixed.



  • Added support for creating EAN-8 and EAN-13 barcodes.




Bug Fixes

  • #188031 - The SUMIF formula is now working properly for all the arguments.
  • #189112 - Split error is no longer thrown while importing the different number of sheets to Calculate.



  • #163192, #168324, #177512 - Provided support for splitting the axis labels text and rendering it in multiple lines.
  • Provided automatic label format support, based on the interval type for dateTime and dateTime category axis.
  • Provided support for placing the data labels inside the chart area, if it exceeds.

Bug fixes

  • #184690 - Data label template is now displaying properly.
  • #184541 - The instance of data source will not change, even after rendering the chart.
  • F131000 - While changing the zoomFactor and zoomPosition of an axis, visible range of that axis alone will change.
  • #186180 - Chart is rendering properly even in small size, when legend is enabled.
  • #186754 - DateTime Category axis labels are now rendering properly with various intervals.
  • #186379 - Annotation is now rendering properly in pie chart, even if we specify value to the explodeIndex property.
  • #186590 - Candle series is now rendering properly, if open and close values are same.
  • #186455 - Chart with dateTime Category axis and empty series is now rendering properly.
  • #188357 – Performance of the scatter chart is improved now.
  • #189673 – Customized tooltip is now positioned properly.
  • #189441 – No exception is thrown, when zooming the chart with trendlines.
  • #189666 – Pyramid and funnel series are rendering properly, when data is bound using Url Adaptor.
  • #190011 – Trackball is rendering properly, when there are multiple axes in chart.


Bug Fixes

  • #187470 - Circular gauge is rendering properly, if the maximum and pointer values are same.
  • #188111 – drawLabels event is now working properly.

    ejComboBox preview

The ComboBox component allows the user to type a value or choose an option from the list of predefined options. When an arrow icon accompanied with this component is pressed, the dropdown displays a list of values, from which the user can select one.


  • Data binding - Allows binding and accessing the list of items from local or server-side data source.
  • Grouping - Supports grouping of logically related items under a single or specific category.
  • Sorting - Supports sorting of list items in an alphabetical order (either ascending or descending).
  • Filtering - Allows filtering of list items based on a character typed in the component.
  • Templates - Allows customizing the list items, selected value, header, footer,category group header, and no records content.
  • Accessibility - Provided with built-in accessibility support that helps to access all the ComboBox component features through the keyboard, screen readers, or other assistive technology devices.



  • #182124, #185678, #182077 - Feature that provides IN and NotIN filter operations for specifying multiple values in a WHERE filter.

  • #173861, #172869, #128852 - The anti-forgery token can be used to help protect the application against cross-site request forgery. It Generates a hidden form field (anti-forgery token) that is validated when the form is submitted


Bug Fixes

  • #189363 - Now, input tag with type attribute value as ‘date’ is now supported to render as the EJ DatePicker.



  • An option for backward selection of date ranges has been provided in ejDateRangePicker using backwardSelection property.

Bug Fixes

  • #188511 - Now, watermarkText property of ejDateRangePicker is working properly.



  • #167467 - Provided support to disable the particular date and time ranges in ejDateTimePicker using disableDateTimeRanges property.


Bug Fixes

  • #183397 - When drag and drop the node to container, the nodes gets disconnected which is placed outside the canvas is fixed.
  • #176645 - Exception raised when drawing polyline connector and set the pageSetting’s boundaryConstraints as diagram is fixed.
  • #185188 - Exception raised when right click on the text editor is fixed.
  • #185167 - Layout with multiple parents not updated properly when calling layout method at runtime is fixed.
  • #184843 - Connector’s labels are not exported properly when setting the label’s margin value in negative is fixed.
  • #183815 - When drag and drop the node from palette, pointer-events attribute set to none for all DOM elements with class value set as s-resize and e-resize is fixed.
  • #184945 - By using the exportDiagram method and exporting the diagram with specified bounds is now working properly.
  • #185735 - Group’s children should not be retained in the diagram model’s nodes property is fixed.
  • #187083 - In connectionChange event, argument connection is not updated when connector disconnected from node at dragging is fixed.
  • #186020 - In the historyChange event, oldValues and newValues are not updated properly while dragging the connector sourcePoint/targetPoint is fixed.
  • #185656 - Layout is not working properly when set the BPMNNode’s with annotation as root node is fixed.
  • #186056 - Exception raised when undo the multiple selected nodes which is moved from one swimlane to the another swimlane is fixed.
  • #186227 - mouseLeave and mouseEnter event should not be triggered when dragging the node and hover on / leaves from another node is fixed.
  • #186636 - Nested container group’s labels are missing after performing the save and load operation is fixed.
  • #186328 - Layout with multiple parents is not updating properly if child having multiple parents and child is already visited is fixed.
  • #186822 - Exception raised while resizing the BPMN’s annotation node is fixed.
  • #186797,#188145 - Vertical scrollbar not displayed properly while zooming and layout samples is fixed.
  • #187386 - Diagram objects are rendering outside of diagram/page bounds even after set the boundaryConstraints is fixed.
  • #185167 - Exception raised while updating the layout with BPMN Activity nodes is fixed.
  • #184829 - While executing the fitToPage method, it will not consider node/connector’s label bounds is fixed.
  • #153251 - Exception raised while moving some BPMN shapes when LabelRenderingMode in SVG is fixed.
  • #182609 – sendToBack method not works if an selectedObject doesn’t intersect with the other objects is fixed.
  • #183576 - When double click on the lane, label textbox appears for an swimlane is fixed.
  • #189280 - Multiple parent layout not updated properly at runtime is fixed.
  • #187815 - Not able to drag and drop the native shapes if the overview in disabled state is fixed.
  • #186957 – nodeCollectionChange event cause returns wrong values while performing copy/paste operation in different browser tab is fixed.


  • #186185 - Support to define the maximum/minimum zoom level in the diagram control is added.
  • #130997 – Support to define the margin and alignment support for UserHandles  is added.
  • #150330, #176675 – Support to drag the port is added.
  • #143026, #146924, #160528 ,#161496, #127341 - Support to define the bi-directional connection in the hierarchical layout is added. 
  • #160398 - Support to drag the shape with label from symbol palette is added. 
  • #161866, #170911, #181495, #132746 - Support to reduce the size of an saved JSON data from diagram control is added.
  • #155435 - Support to disable the bridging for the connectors, when the bridging disabled connector overlaps the bridging enabled connectors is added.
  • #138994 - Interaction support for labels is added.


Bug Fixes

  • #184759 - Issue with setting the height for the ejRTE control inside Dialog has been fixed.



  • #182618,#183488,#169704,#183577- DropDownList now supports server side filtering. The server filtering is to perform filter action when text is typed in the search box and filtering will be done based on the collection which contains the matched item from entire data source. Server filtering will be done based on the entire items in data source.

Bug Fixes

  • #182618 - Virtual scrolling is now supported with Local data bound through DataManager and values beyond itemsCount can be set in DropDownList.
  • #188340 - Console errors are no longer thrown when performing keyboard navigation in an empty dropdownlist.
  • #182618 - Console errors are no longer thrown in IE browsers for dropdownlist.
  • #185642,#183872 - Two-way binding with text and value field works properly now in Aurelia.
  • #184447,#185020,#186246 - Preselect values are no longer displayed multiple times in Knockout dropdownlist with multiselect mode.



  • Provided the feature for selecting the files using area selection (mouse drag-select event).

  • #187589 - Provided option to customize the file replace alert text.
  • #183000 - Improved FileExplorer performance while loading more than 1000 files.
  • #188124 - Provided “beforeUploadDialogOpen” event for customizing the upload dialog content of FileExplorer.



  • #130742, #135990, #137692, #139699, #138782, #154668, #155383, #163693, #169303, #170767, #173652, #180270, #188056 - The Gantt control now provides support for resource allocation view. Using this view user can able to interpret the tasks occurring on same dates, overallocation of resources in a project.
  • #180223, #184466, #190826 - Now it is possible to display tasks with serial/sequence number based on the row order.
  • #130217, #137691, #190718- Now it is possible to select multiple rows and perform indent and outdent actions.
  • #183277 - Now it is possible to the filter the fields or columns in Gantt using public method.
  • The Gantt control now provides support for expanding and collapsing records at specific levels using public methods.
  • #185510 – Now the record dragged and dropped in the empty space below all the records will be added as the last record to the project.
  • #182758 – The Gantt control now provides support for changing week start day in month timescale mode.
  • #183565 – Now it is possible to format the font and other styles in PDF export.
  • #F131433 - New method has been implemented to change the Id field of the tasks. Now user can able to alter the task Id field with the key returned from SQL database when adding a new record, using this method.
  • #F132012, #185158 – Now the milestones in a project are positioned accordingly to the provided date and time values.
  • #185087 - Now the validation support has been provided for the predecessor values to ignore the incorrect entries.

Bug Fixes

  • #187014 - Issue with dependency line editing with predecessor validation in disabled state has been fixed.
  • #F132600 - Issue with date time calculation in task’s end date with day duration unit has been fixed.
  • #188190 - Issue with invalid predecessor value at initial load has been fixed.
  • #185563 – Issue with baseline date value format in cell edit and dialog edit actions has been fixed.
  • #184781 - Issue with displaying predecessor tab in add/edit dialog in KnockoutJS has been fixed.
  • #184466 - Issue with resource collection update in edit dialog has been fixed.
  • #189625 – Now it is possible to provide resource ID in string data type to the Gantt tasks.
  • #187014 – The predecessor validation issues at initial load has been fixed.



  • #149531, #187393 - The add current selection to filter check box is now displayed while filtering, allowing users to add the currently selected or cleared check box list data along with already-filtered data in the grid.
  • #139586 - Added the between operator option in menu filter for filtering grid records based on the specified range.
  • #161550, #183024 - Provided support to export the grid with the details template in Excel, PDF, and Word file formats.
  • #135148, #136490 , #138685, #143416, #144916, #145894, #158559, #159042, #158626, #162165, #171567, #174504, #174847, #175210, #175373, #177391, #178268, #189759 - Provided support to export the grid with template columns in Excel, PDF, and Word file formats.
  • Support has been provided to export multiple hierarchy levels in the grid control for PDF, Excel, and Word file formats.

Bug Fixes

  • #189385 - With enableResponsiveRow property enabled in Grid, the text in OK button displays fine in the filter dialog.
  • #186554 - Grid content displays fine while hiding columns when Grouping is enabled.
  • #188730 - With showGroupedColumn as false, parent grid displays fine after expanding child grid.
  • #188755 - In actionComplete event, filterCollection property of argument works fine when using excel filter.
  • #188347 - Fixed the Clone element removal issue when the row drag and drop events is restricted.
  • #188299 - When the column with tooltip is hovered no extra field is added in dataSource.
  • #177509 - Virtual scrolling works fine when selecting row with selectRows method.
  • #188010 - Scroller renders fine after resizing the Grid.
  • #183463 - With enableVirtualization as true, the Grid content displays fine when hiding the columns using column chooser.
  • #180252, #190465 - Grid footer scrolls fine while scrolling the Grid content.
  • #189172 - Scrollbar works fine with frozenRows and frozenColumns.
  • #188369 - Drag and Drop the rows on any empty area of grid works fine.



  • #161500, #166915, #174770, #F128835 - #161500, #166915, #174770, #F128835 - The Kanban control now supports drag-and-drop operations between the Kanban board and other controls.
  • #179568, #F131180 - Kanban empty columns can be rendered without binding a data source.

Bug fixes

  • #185383 – Update the data source with key values, when the updated card details is not available on column key value.
  • #183684, #185054 – Shrink count will be updated properly when any one column is toggled and the card is updated properly.
  • #183684 – Issue with displaying Kanban content on horizontal scrolling within the Kanban has been fixed.
  • #184759 – Issue with rendering ejRTE control properly within dialog edit template has been fixed.
  • #183684 - Initial column width for Kanban enabled with allowScrolling property is set properly, when any one column is toggled.
  • #186962 – Issue with drag and drop between swimlane, when single column specified has been fixed.
  • #187970 - Script error resolved while resizing the browser window, when isResponsive property is enabled.


Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • #185940 - Issue with value field bound methods (getIndexByValue(), hideItemByValue(), hideItemsByValue(), showItemByValue() and showItemsByValue()) have been fixed.

  • #187947 - Issue with selecting items by its value, when check box enabled has been fixed.

  • #187998 - Issue with removeAll method when items added through addItem method has been fixed.

  • #187480 - Issue with dropping items in disabled ListBox has been fixed.

  • #186148 - Issue on getting the selected list items in OnValueSelect server side event has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #184549 - The dataSource is updated for ListView on removeItem() method.

    ejMediaPlayer preview

Media player for JavaScript provides a simple yet powerful video and audio player with built-in control options. It supports HTML5 standard audio and video formats such as MP4, MP3, WebM, and Ogg.


  • Supports HTML 5 standard video.
  • Supports YouTube videos.
  • Built-in control bar for desktop and mobile devices with all basic operations such as play/pause, next, previous, volume control, and full screen.
  • Timeline slider for easy navigation.
  • Title bar.



  • Now user can customize UI appearance of the ejPager by defining their own page layout with template option.



  • #187487 - Provided support to enable/disable the context menu.
  • #187841 - The Unload API for the PDF viewer control are created on the server side to release the file handle from the IIS process.

Bug Fixes

  • #183878 - The text box form fields now preserve multiline texts.
  • #184731 - The height of the viewer container is now updated properly when the toolbar is hidden.
  • #184731 - The serviceUrl property has been updated properly while setting it after control initialization.
  • #184731 - The height of the PDF viewer control will not be altered while resizing the PDF viewer container if the toolbar is in disabled state.
  • #188277 – Combo-box font size is now set properly.
  • #187404 - Print restriction is now working properly if we set the permission flag as Default along with owner password.
  • #189349 - The contents of the PDF document are now rendered properly.
  • #188500 - Text content and flattened line annotations are rendered properly.
  • #189489 - Copy context menu is now displayed on right clicking, if a single word is selected in IE/Edge browsers.
  • #189182 - Scrolling the page in ‘fit to page’ mode is now working properly when the container height is set to 500px.
  • #186005 - Horizontal scrollbar does not appear now when document is viewed in fit-page mode and the width of the container is greater than the height.
  • #187486 - Text selection is now maintained when clicking outside of the PDF viewer control.
  • #189240 - The table borders are rendered properly in the printed copy of the PDF document.



  • #181278 - Paging support has been provided for Mondrian Server (OLAP – Client Mode).
  • #181780 - Moving average support has been provided for PivotChart.


Bug fixes

  • #190625 - In full screen mode, the PivotGrid widget can be drilled up/down.


  • #181278 - Paging support has been provided for Mondrian Server (OLAP – Client Mode).
  • #180613 - We can add reports holding different cubes in a same report collection.
  • #135884 - Provide support for KPI element in Client Mode for OLAP data source.
  • #179216 - Re-arranging Measure and KPI in desired order.


Bug fixes

  • #186206 - Binding an empty report and on enabling the conditional formation option, the PivotGrid widget is initialized properly.
  • #186206 - PivotSchemaDesigner is rendered properly while binding an empty report.


  • #181278 - Paging support has been provided for Mondrian Server (OLAP – Client Mode).
  • #183837, #185388 - Paging support has been provided for Relational DB at server side.
  • #135884 - Provide support for KPI element in Client Mode for OLAP data source.

ejPivotTreeMap Preview

The PivotTreeMap control lets the user to visualize OLAP data in the form of nested nodes in hierarchical order with the ability to drill up and down.


  • #170069 - Support provided to render PivotTreeMap with row axis elements alone.



  • #187219 – Provided ejDialog option to handle exception in ReportViewer.

  • #187219 – Provided option to export the report as CSV document in ReportViewer.

Bug Fixes

  • #178733 - Background color value issue is resolved for tablix cell.

  • #182040 - Resolved the multi-value parameter issue when the visibility is hidden.

  • #178733 - Now, the zooming functionality is working properly in Microsoft Edge browser.

  • #186200, #186136 - Resolved null reference exception for tooltip localization text.

  • #187042 - The Today expression evaluated properly in static expression.

  • #187219 - Resolved parameter block alignment issue in IE9.

  • #187273 - Now, allow null value specified for date parameter works properly when parameter layout is used.

  • #187273 - Image report item inside the rectangle renders properly.

  • #185398 - Resolved long text overlapping problem in tablix cell.

  • #189873 - Now, the filter expression specified in column group is working properly for tablix.

  • #185398 - Resolved top border issue for tablix in chrome browser.


Bug Fixes

  • #190623 - Resizable, now works with touch devices


Bug Fixes

  • #188554 - RTE value is now returned properly in angular 2 reactive forms.
  • #188963 - Cursor is no longer moved to 0th position when any format is applied.



  • #148230, #163522 - Custom view has been enhanced to display different set of continuous date ranges or specific date collection.
  • #138564, #141079 - Support has been provided to export appointments to Excel format.

  • #185084 - Support provided to retain the scroll position, even after refreshing the entire layout.
  • #185976 - Support provided to auto-scroll the view when dragging an appointment to the edges.
  • #184777, #162291 - Printing option has been enhanced to print the appointments with its background color.

Bug fixes

  • #185825 - Date header values are displaying correctly now, while navigating to other view by clicking on an overflow icon in horizontal mode.
  • #183009 - Blockout appointments created for longer duration are displaying correctly now, when different timescale option is set.
  • #184971 - Blockout appointments are displaying properly now, when its end time and the control’s start hour are provided with the same time.
  • #184895 - Blockout appointments doesn’t move forward to next week and are rendering correctly now, when the cell template is applied on the same day.
  • #184786 - Work week days are rendering correctly now, when firstDayOfWeek property is set.
  • #184602 - Triggering of appointmentClick event is prevented now, on right clicking the mouse over appointments.
  • #187942 - Cell misalignment issue is fixed now, when the browser is resized to mobile mode.
  • #187330 - Appointment with longer duration is now displaying its start and end time correctly on the custom appointment window.
  • #186941 - Description text box on default appointment window is highlighted correctly now in IE browser.
  • #186947 - The dates are displaying correctly now in horizontal mode, when the timeScale template option is used.
  • #186716 - Now, the blockout settings are working properly on schedule with no appointments.
  • #185166 - Appointment height is updated correctly now, when it has the same start and end time.
  • #190042 - The expand/collapse state of the resource group in horizontal mode is maintained correctly now, during the date navigation.
  • #189389 - The active color of the selected cell is highlighted properly now, while it is being customized with different background color using the queryCellInfo feature.



  • Provided button support to increment and decrement the slider values.


Bug Fixes

  • #183876 - The Sparkline is responsive while resizing the browser.
  • #187299 - PointRegionMouseClick event is now working properly.
  • #188102 - Now the data points are getting sorted based on the x value.



  • #131361 - Now,popup opening positions can be customized in ejSplitButton.


Bug Fixes

  • #183885 – Changed the collapse and expand action for Splitter on the mouseup event.



  • #165067,#168989,#172008,#180430,#184577 - Provided support for cell styles customization.

  • #183747,#186738 - Provided support for performance improvement for formulas calculation on importing.

  • #F128298 - Provided support for Building common JSON for both getExportProps and saveAsJSON method.

Bug Fixes

  • #183747 – Issue with importing invalid formulas as text value return #NAME error is fixed.

  • #184476 – Issue with performance on importing large data with formatting is fixed.

  • #182691 – Issue with editing custom formulas without argument is fixed.

  • #184778 – Issue with adding dropdownlist for a range of cells with custom list as datasource is fixed.

  • #183197 – Issue with exporting number formatting values in ‘pt-BR’ culture is fixed.

  • #183747 – Issue with exception throws when plain text values are recognized as formulas on exporting is fixed.

  • #184577 – Issue with applying percentage behaves differently on empty cells and value existing cells is fixed.

  • #187791 - Issue with pasting the value second time in chrome is fixed.

  • #186738 - Issue with decimal separator comma (,) is not recognized properly while importing in ‘pt-BR’ culture is fixed.

  • #186738 - Issue with number value with dot (.) separator is recognized as comma (,) in ‘pt-BR’ culture is fixed.

  • #186868 - Issue with selection, sheet container and pager alignment in material theme is fixed.

  • #186738 - Issue with alignment in formula bar while using hideFormulaBar method is fixed.

  • #187926 - Issue with localized texts in ribbon group header name and number formatting options is fixed.

  • #188365 - Issue with data validation that applied without validation rules after importing is fixed.

  • #188457 - Issue with editing on merge cells after selecting it by keyboard navigation (by enter key) is fixed.

  • #188455 - Issue with chart is not positioned correctly while importing and exporting is fixed.

  • #187926 - Issue with ‘pt-BR’ localized text not applied in name manager dialog, excel filter dialog & FAT tooltip is fixed.

  • #188365 - Issue with initial importing with freeze pane is fixed.

  • #F132925 - Issue with client side load event not triggered when using data manager is fixed.

  • #189113 - Provided support for select cells from another sheet while executing the formula.

  • #186209, #180749 - Provided support for add custom colors for Conditional formatting.



  • #182613 - Provided option to allow the decimal places without any limit.

Bug Fixes

  • #185029 - The issue with allowing non-numeric character such as ‘@#$%’ in NumericTextBox component has been fixed.
  • #188426 - The issue with entering decimal values While setting the decimal places as -1 has been fixed.
  • #189253 - The TextBox is no longer misbehaves while setting the decimal places as -8.



  • #187118,#I187270 - Now TimePicker control allows to set watermark text to input element.


Bug fixes

  • #187083 - Click event is now triggered in iOS devices.
  • #185463 - Tab key navigation difference among browsers is now changed to unified behavior.



  • #135716, #139356, #141370, #158816, #158983, #174614, #182323 - The TreeGrid control now provides support for stacked column headers.
  • #181052, #188618 - The TreeGrid control now provides support for context menu for column headers.
  • #176047, #181564, #182301, #186835 - The TreeGrid control now provides support for excel type filtering menu for filtering column values.
  • #175845, #181564 - Now it is possible to filter the TreeGrid contents using toolbar filtering.
  • #186199 – Performance has been improved for expanding and collapsing all the records in TreeGrid with paging enabled.
  • #183545 – Support for double click event on TreeGrid rows has been implemented.
  • #183565 – Now it is possible to format the font and other styles in PDF export.

Bug Fixes

  • #188814 – Issue with rendering tooltip for extra-long cell values in TreeGrid has been fixed.
  • #188711 – Now the console error will no longer occur when rendering TreeGrid with empty datasource along with text wrapping support enabled.
  • #178281,186670 - Issue with browser right click action on TreeGrid header has been fixed.
  • #186325 - Now the pageSettings.totalRecordCount property will return proper value with server data source
  • #187692 - Issue with removing the column template script element from DOM, once destroying the control has been fixed.
  • #187224 - Issue with multiple TreeGrid exporting in excel has been fixed.
  • #183625 - Now the drop positions insertAbove, insertBelow and insertAsChild while dragging a row will be available in the rowDrag event arguments.


Bug Fixes

  • #183639 - Multi polygon in the JSON data source is now rendering properly.



  • #184008 – Provided nested object support in TreeView fields. That helps to map the complex data from data source.

Bug Fixes

  • #184922 – The issue “While drop more than one tree nodes in siblings of target TreeView, dropped nodes sorted orders are differed” has been fixed.

  • #182105 - The issue “When tree nodes having same id, unable to add the new nodes on corresponding target” has been fixed.

  • #186029 - “While drag and drop the tree node, datasource items are not arranged properly” issue has been fixed.

  • #183709 - In mobile devices, nodeSelect event was not triggered for newly added nodes issue has been fixed.

Breaking Changes

  • #182105 - In previous, when we pass a single node with a parentID and target to addNode method, the node will append to the parentID’s node and currently node will append in to the target.