Essential Studio for JavaScript Release Notes

September 29, 2017


Bug Fixes

  • #185677 - In MAC OS, “ej-controls fonts was displayed in Times New Roman” issue has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #187724 - Issue with two-way binding for selectValueByKey property in multiSelectMode has been fixed.

  • #187140, #187166 - Issue with complex JSON data binding for the Autocomplete has been fixed.



  • Provided the support for the TEXT formula.


Bug Fixes

  • #186180 - Chart is now rendering properly even in small size, when legend is enabled.
  • #186754 - DateTime Category axis labels are now rendering properly with various intervals.
  • #186379 - Annotation is now rendering properly in pie chart, even if we specify value to the explodeIndex property.
  • #186590 - Candle series is now rendering properly, if open and close values are same.
  • #186455 - Chart with dateTime Category axis and empty series is now rendering properly.


Bug Fixes

  • #187470 - Circular gauge is now rendering properly, if the maximum and pointer values are same.


Bug Fixes

  • #186733 – Now, the value text box in the ColorPicker popup will highlight while focusing the input element in the Material theme. Also, button text size is smaller in this theme is fixed now.


Bug Fixes

  • #188119 – “Change event arguments is not proper in the DateTimePicker, while editing the values in the input textbox” issue has been fixed now.


Bug Fixes

  • #185735 - Group’s children should not be retained in the diagram model’s nodes property is fixed.
  • #187083 - In connectionChange event, argument connection is not updated when connector disconnected from node at dragging is fixed.
  • #186020 - In the historyChange event, oldValues and newValues are not updated properly while dragging the connector sourcePoint/targetPoint is fixed.
  • #185656 - Layout is not working properly when set the BPMNNode’s with annotation as root node is fixed.
  • #186056 - Exception raised when undo the multiple selected nodes which is moved from one swimlane to the another swimlane is fixed.
  • #186227 - mouseLeave and mouseEnter event should not be triggered when dragging the node and hover on / leaves from another node is fixed.
  • #186636 - Nested container group’s labels are missing after performing the save and load operation is fixed.
  • #186328 - Layout with multiple parents is not updating properly if child having multiple parents and child is already visited is fixed.
  • #186822 - Exception raised while resizing the BPMN’s annotation node is fixed.
  • #186797,#188145 - Vertical scrollbar not displayed properly while zooming and layout samples is fixed.
  • #187386 - Diagram objects are rendering outside of diagram/page bounds even after set the boundaryConstraints is fixed.
  • #185167 - Exception raised while updating the layout with BPMN Activity nodes is fixed.
  • #184829 - While executing the fitToPage method, it will not consider node/connector’s label bounds is fixed.



  • #182618,#183488,#169704,#183577- DropDownList now supports server side filtering. The server filtering is to perform filter action when text is typed in the search box and filtering will be done based on the collection which contains the matched item from entire data source. Server filtering will be done based on the entire items in data source.

Bug Fixes

  • #182618 - Provided support for virtual scrolling with local data when passed through dataManager. And value for DropDownList can be set beyond the itemsCount loaded initially.
  • #188340 - “Undefined exception in _chooseSelectionType method during keyboard navigation in empty DropDown” issue has been fixed.



  • #187589 - Provided the option to customize the file replace alert text.



  • #F131433 - New method has been implemented to change the Id field of the tasks. Now user can able to alter the task Id field with the key returned from SQL database when adding a new record, using this method.

Bug Fixes

  • #187014 - Issue with dependency line editing with predecessor validation in disabled state has been fixed.
  • #F132600 - Issue with date time calculation in task’s end date with day duration unit has been fixed.
  • #188190 - Issue with invalid predecessor value at initial load has been fixed.



  • #181031 - Provided support to show or hide columns for rowTemplate feature.

Bug Fixes

  • #188229 - Normal mode editing works fine with virtual scrolling.
  • #187079, #187081 - Batch editing works fine while using screen touch for editing.
  • #187244 - Cell editing works fine with editTemplate and cell navigation using screen touch.
  • #186554 - Group Caption summary displays fine while hiding columns.
  • #186469 - Checkbox selection works fine after sorting or filtering column.
  • #186036 - Printing the Grid works fine in Mozilla browser.
  • #186128 - Batch editing works fine when a column is made editable dynamically.
  • #186080, #186046 - Grid renders fine with frozen column when the width property of Grid columns is not defined.
  • #185727 - Reordering the complex columns works fine with filterType enabled.
  • #185757 - For material theme, Grid renders fine in mobile mode with enableResponsiveRow enabled.
  • #184790 - Filtering works fine with column field having special character.
  • #187787 - Checkbox is also unchecked when selection is prevented using rowSelecting event.
  • #186081, #186610, #188339 - Localization works fine with excel filter.


Bug Fixes

  • #186962 – Issue with drag and drop between swimlane, when single column specified has been fixed.
  • #187970 - Script error resolved while resizing the browser window, when isResponsive property is enabled.


Bug Fixes

  • #187947 - Issue with selecting items by its value, when check box enabled has been fixed.

  • #187998 - Issue with removeAll method when items added through addItem method has been fixed.

  • #187480 - Issue with dropping items in disabled ListBox has been fixed.

  • #186148 - Issue on getting the selected list items in OnValueSelect server side event has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #184731 - The height of the PDF viewer control will not be altered while resizing the PDF viewer container if the toolbar is in disabled state.


Bug fixes

  • #188115 - PDF exporting happens properly when using PivotEngine in PivotClient.
  • #188350 - Member Editor is displayed properly at slicer axis in PivotClient (OLAP - Server Mode).
  • #188311 - Chart type is maintained while saving and loading the report in PivotClient.


Bug fixes

  • #187449 - Formatting is applied for decimal values during Excel Export in “es-ES” localization.
  • #187133 - Conditional formatting works for localized (“fr-FR”) values.


Bug Fixes

  • #187107 - RadioButton “onchange” event is not triggered when the event is defined with HTML input tag issue has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #187042 - The Today expression evaluated properly in static expression.

  • #187219 - Resolved parameter block alignment issue in IE9.

  • #187273 - Now, allow null value specified for date parameter works properly when parameter layout is used.

  • #187273 - Image report item inside the rectangle renders properly.

  • #185398 - Resolved long text overlapping problem in tablix cell.


Bug Fixes

  • #187942 - Cell misalignment is prevented, when the browser is resized to mobile mode.
  • #187330 - Multi-day appointment’s date and time is shown correctly, while using custom appointment window.
  • #186941 - Description text box is highlighting correctly in IE browser.
  • #186947 - Scheduler dates are displaying correctly in horizontal mode, when the template option is used on timeScale property.
  • #186716 - Blockout settings are working properly in empty schedule.
  • #185166 - Appointment height is updated correctly, when it has the same start and end time.


Bug Fixes

  • #187299 - PointRegionMouseClick event is now working properly.
  • #188102 - Now the data points are getting sorted based on the x value.



  • #186247 – SplitButton component added in EJ Angular 2


Bug Fixes

  • #187791 - Issue with pasting the value second time in chrome is fixed.
  • #186738 - Issue with decimal separator comma (,) is not recognized properly while importing in ‘pt-BR’ culture is fixed.
  • #186868 - Issue with selection, sheet container and pager alignment in material theme with bootstrap is fixed.
  • #186738 - Issue with alignment in formula bar while using hideFormulaBar method is fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #187083 - “Click event not triggered properly in IOS devices” issue has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #178281,186670 - Issue with browser right click action on TreeGrid header has been fixed.
  • #186325 - Now the pageSettings.totalRecordCount property will return proper value with server data source
  • #187692 - Issue with removing the column template script element from DOM, once destroying the control has been fixed.
  • #187224 - Issue with multiple TreeGrid exporting in excel has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #186029 - “While drag and drop the tree node, datasource items are not arranged properly” issue has been fixed.

  • #183709 - In mobile devices, nodeSelect event was not triggered for newly added nodes issue has been fixed.