Essential Studio for Flutter Release Notes

July 27, 2023



  • #FB44588 - Provided support to accessibility for builders in the Flutter event calendar.


Bug Fixes

  • #FB45330 - Now, the trendline tooltip will work properly with the column series.
  • #FB45141 - Now, the legend toggling will work properly when having the same name for multiple series.



  • #FB44617 - Now, the current date is automatically selected as the initial date in the date picker within the Advanced UI filter menu when it falls between the first and last dates of the column or matches either of them.


Bug Fixes

  • #I457667, #I473926 - Resolved the space between text missing issue in the extract text layout and lines.
  • #I472895 - PDF signature added with signed name is now valid in Adobe viewer.
  • #I483412 - Resolved white background preservation while flattening loaded empty signature field.
  • #F183379 - Type casting issue no longer occurs while flattening specific PDF document.

PDF Viewer

Bug fixes

  • #F183424 - The multi-line text form fields will now have the proper font size.


  • #I438831 - Support for filling out the list box form field has been provided.
  • #I438831 - Support for filling or editing form fields programmatically has been provided.
  • #I438831 - Provided focus change and value change callback support for form fields.
  • #I473860 - Provided the support for the onTap callback to retrieve the page number, position, and page position when tapping on the SfPdfViewer.