Essential Studio for Flutter Release Notes

October 18, 2022

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Bug Fixes


Bug Fixes

  • #FB37724 - Now, the series visibility gets toggled properly when setting the series visibility using the onLegendTapped callback.
  • #FB37885 - Now, the candle series gets rendered properly when it starts updating data dynamically with a single data point.
  • #FB38196 - Now, there is no exception that occurs while calling the trackball public method show when there is no visible series in the chart.
  • #FB38080 - Now, the trackball tooltip with builder will activate properly when using the show public method if the trackball is already moved in the chart using user interaction.
  • #FB38046 - Now, the doughnut series with stroke border renders properly with CornerStyle as both sided curve.
  • #FB37274 - Now, Infinity or NaN toInt exception will no longer be thrown when rendering Bollinger band with mapping more number identical close point values.