Essential Studio for Flutter Release Notes

May 12, 2022


Bug fixes

  • #F173730 - No memory leaks will occur while calling the setState() method repeatedly for refreshing the chart widget.
  • No exception will be thrown while using the trackball with multiple series.


Bug fixes

  • #SF34525 - BoxConstraints has a negative minimum height exception will no longer be thrown when opening the keyboard for TextField which is adjacent to DataGrid.
  • #SF34561 - Back key works properly while tapping the back key on an Android device and DataGrid has focus.


Bug Fixes

  • #I373233 - Text layout issues can now be resolved when extracting text from a specific PDF document.


Bug fixes

XlsIO Beta

Breaking Changes

  • Considering the usage, the public class Alignment class has been changed as internal.

Bug Fixes

  • #I375797 - Single quotes used in the formula are now preserved properly while creating an Excel document.

  • Null reference exception being thrown while creating data validation has been resolved.
  • Null reference exception being thrown while creating Excel table has been resolved.