Essential Studio for Flutter Release Notes

April 12, 2022


Bug fixes

  • #FB33597 - Now, the recurrence and spanned icons will be displayed properly when the recurrence appointment is spanned in the flutter event calendar.
  • Now, the header icon will not be overlapped while hiding the calendar header.



  • #FB33169 - The animation will no longer be visible for checkbox column while scrolling when the rowCacheExtent property is set to the number of rows available in DataGrid.
  • #FB33450 - The DataGridSource.handlePageChange method will now wait asynchronously until the Future.delayed value specified in the method.
  • #FB33593 - Other cells will not be moved into edit mode when the last row is removed and a cell in that row is in edit mode.


Bug Fixes

  • #I373233 - Text layout issues can now be resolved when extracting text from a specific PDF document.