Essential Studio for Flutter Release Notes

August 11, 2021



  • #FB27481 - Provided support to customize the background color of the all day panel.

Bug fixes

  • #FB27246 - Now, the appointment will not intersect when the end time and start time of different appointment is 24 hours for two consecutive days.

DataGrid Beta


  • #I335051 - Provided the support to access the sorted collection of DataGridRow through DataGridSource.effectiveRows property.

Breaking changes

  • A rowIndex is passed as an additional argument in startSwipeActionsBuilder and ` endSwipeActionsBuilder` callbacks. So, now these callbacks will have three arguments instead of two arguments.

PDF Beta

Bug fixes

  • #330891 - Exception will no longer occur while encrypting a particular PDF document.
  • #166012 - Whitespace will be preserved properly while extracting text from the PDF document.


  • #335802 - Support provided to add or retrieve rotation angle from the existing PDF document.

PDF Viewer Beta

Bug fixes

  • Now, Grayscale images will be displayed properly in a PDF document while viewing in iOS 14.1 or later versions.
  • Now, searchText method works properly in onDocumentLoaded callback.