Essential Studio for Flutter Release Notes

December 17, 2019

Calendar Preview

Syncfusion flutter calendar widget was written natively in Dart and has seven types of built-in configurable view modes that provide basic functionality for scheduling, managing, and representing appointments efficiently.

Key Features

  • Day, week, workweek, timeline day, timeline week, timeline workweek, and month. Seven built-in calendar views.
  • Appointment scheduling. Default and custom appointments supported.
  • Recursive appointments with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurrence types.
  • Time zones support for events and calendar.
  • Different nonworking days.
  • Different first day of week for all applicable views.
  • Flexible start and end hours for time slot views.
  • Agenda view support in calendar month view.
  • Additional features like customizable calendar appearance and format.



  • Provided support for 100% stacked line, 100% stacked area, 100% stacked column, 100% stacked bar, range area, spline area, and step area chart types.
  • Provided support to delay the hiding of trackball and crosshair.
  • Provided support to display the tooltip at the pointer location.
  • Provided support to calculate the empty points average with a custom implementation.

Breaking changes

  • borderMode property in area series has been renamed as borderDrawMode.

RadialGauge Preview

  • Gradient support has been provided for range, scale and pointer.
  • Background image support has been provided for the axis to add own background frame.
  • Initial load animation support has been provided for the radial gauge.