Animation in Flutter Radial Gauge (SfRadialGauge)

16 Jul 20214 minutes to read

Initial animation

The radial gauge allows all of its elements to be animated with enableLoadingAnimation property. The default value for this property is false. The duration of the animation can be controlled by animationDuration property of the gauge.

  • DART
  • override
    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
       return Scaffold(
          body: Center(
            child: SfRadialGauge(
          enableLoadingAnimation: true, animationDuration: 4500,
          axes: <RadialAxis>[
            RadialAxis(minimum: 0,maximum: 150,
                ranges: <GaugeRange>[
                  GaugeRange(startValue: 0,endValue: 50,color:,startWidth: 10,endWidth: 10),
                  GaugeRange(startValue: 50,endValue: 100,color:,startWidth: 10,endWidth: 10),
                  GaugeRange(startValue: 100,endValue: 150,color:,startWidth: 10,endWidth: 10)],
                pointers: <GaugePointer>[NeedlePointer(value:90, )],
                annotations: <GaugeAnnotation>[
                  GaugeAnnotation(widget: Container(child:
                  Text('90.0',style: TextStyle(fontSize: 25,fontWeight:FontWeight.bold))),
                      angle: 90,positionFactor: 0.5)]

    gauge loading animation

    Pointer Animation

    The enableAnimation property of pointer allows to enable or disable animation for pointer. The gauge pointer has the following animation type:

    • bounceOut
    • ease
    • easeInCir
    • easeOutBack
    • elasticOut
    • linear
    • slowMiddle

    The animation type can be changed using the animationType property of pointer. By default, the animation type is linear.

  • DART
  • @override
    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
      return Scaffold(
        body: Center(
                  child: SfRadialGauge(
                    axes: <RadialAxis>[RadialAxis( 
                     axisLineStyle: AxisLineStyle(thickness: 30), showTicks: false,
                     pointers: <GaugePointer>[NeedlePointer(value: 60, enableAnimation: true,
                     needleStartWidth: 0,
                       needleEndWidth: 5, needleColor: Color(0xFFDADADA),
                       knobStyle: KnobStyle(color: Colors.white, borderColor: Color(0xFFDADADA),
                           knobRadius: 0.06,
                           borderWidth: 0.04),
                       tailStyle: TailStyle(color:Color(0xFFDADADA), width: 5,
                       length: 0.15)
                       RangePointer(value: 60, width: 30, enableAnimation: true, color:

    pointer animation