Overview of Syncfusion Flutter DataGrid

1 Oct 2020 / 1 minute to read

The Syncfusion Flutter DataGrid is used to display and manipulate data in a tabular view. It is built from the ground up to achieve the best possible performance even when loading large amounts data.

Overview Flutter datagrid

Key Features

  • Column types : Provides the option to show different data types (int, double, string, and date-time) in different types of columns. Also, it can load any widget in a column.
  • Column sizing : Sets the width of columns with various sizing options. Columns can also be fitted based on their content.
  • Auto row height : Provides the option to set the height for rows based on the content of their cells.
  • Sorting : Sort one or more columns in the ascending or descending order.
  • Selection : Selects one or more rows. Keyboard navigation is supported for web platforms.
  • Styling : Customizes the appearance of cells and headers. Conditional styling is also supported.
  • Paging - Load data in segments. It is useful when loading huge amounts of data.
  • Theme : Use a dark or light theme.
  • Accessibility : The DataGrid can easily be accessed by screen readers.
  • Right to Left (RTL) : Right-to-left direction support for users working in RTL languages like Hebrew and Arabic.