Working with .NET PDF Tables

13 Sep 20226 minutes to read

The Syncfusion .NET PDF library provides support for two types of PDF table models, both having a different levels of customization, which is explained as follows. The two types of table models are:

  1. PdfGrid* (Recommended)
  2. PdfLightTable


We strongly recommend to use PdfGrid for creating table in PDF document since it represents flexible grid which supports various customization of rows and columns.

Difference between PdfLightTable and PdfGrid

Both the PdfGrid and PdfLightTable models are supported across all the platforms and the following table explains the level of customizations both the models provide.

Features PdfLightTable PdfGrid


Row No direct API, possible through events. Yes
Column Yes (StringFormat) Yes (StringFormat)
Cell No direct API for single cell formatting, possible through events. Yes


Row span No Yes
Column span No direct API, possible through events. Yes
Nested Grid Possible through events Yes
Layout Events BeginCellLayout, BeginPageLayout, BeginRowLayout, EndCellLayout, EndPageLayout, EndRowLayout BeginPageLayout, EndPageLayout