Server side event arguments in ASP PivotTreeMap

This section explains in detail about the various server-side events available in the control and the arguments that are obtained at server-side.

The sender parameter of all the server-side events returns the PivotTreeMap model details. The Syncfusion.JavaScript.Web.PivotTreeMapEventArgs arguments provide information specific to this event.

The various server-side events and the arguments corresponding to the events are as follows:


The OnDrillSuccess event is triggered while performing drill operation on TreeMap. The details of the drilled tile information can be obtained at server-side, as explained in the following table.

Arguments Description
e.Arguments It consists of drilled tile series information.
e.EventType It indicates the triggered event name.
<ej:PivotTreeMap ID="PivotTreeMap1" runat="server" OnDrillSuccess="PivotTreeMap1_DrillSuccess"></ej:PivotTreeMap>
protected void PivotTreeMap1_DrillSuccess(object sender, PivotTreeMapEventArgs e)

    //e.EventType – Event Name
    //e.Argument – Contain keys and values of PivotTreeMap.