11 Aug 20175 minutes to read

Recursive appointments can be created by enabling IsRecursive property in Schedule appointments, to know more about adding appointments in the control, refer Schedule Appointment.

And then need to set the RecurrenceRule to populate the required recursive appointment collection in a specific pattern.

Recursive appointment can be created in any recurrence patterns, for instance, some events can be repeated every week such as “Server maintenance”, where as some on them may repeat every year like wedding anniversary.

Recurrence Pattern

  • Recurrence pattern used in the control are in iCal standard
  • Schedule control supports all four types of recurrence patterns.
    • Daily Recurrence
    • Weekly Recurrence
    • Monthly Recurrence
    • Yearly Recurrence

RRULE generator

RecurrenceGenerator/ recurrence builder is available with the control to create RRULE. RRULE can be easily created through this engine by simple APIs available.

  • C#
  • ScheduleAppointmentCollection appointmentCollection;
                //creating new instance for schedule
                SfSchedule schedule = new SfSchedule(this);
                schedule.ScheduleView = ScheduleView.WeekView;
                appointmentCollection = new ScheduleAppointmentCollection();
                //Recurrence Appointment 1
                //Creating new events
                ScheduleAppointment appointment1 = new ScheduleAppointment();
                Calendar currentDate = Calendar.Instance;
                Calendar startTime = (Calendar)currentDate.Clone();
                Calendar endTime = (Calendar)currentDate.Clone();
                //setting start time for the event
                    10, 0, 0
                //setting end time for the event
                    12, 0, 0
                appointment1.StartTime = startTime;
                appointment1.EndTime = endTime;
                appointment1.Color = Color.ParseColor("#FF1BA1E2");
                //setting Subject for the event
                appointment1.Subject = "Client Meeting";
                appointment1.IsRecursive = true;
                //setting recurrence properties
                RecurrenceProperties recurrenceProp1 = new RecurrenceProperties();
                recurrenceProp1.RecurrenceType = RecurrenceType.Daily;
                recurrenceProp1.IsDailyEveryNDays = true;
                recurrenceProp1.DailyNDays = 2;
                recurrenceProp1.IsRangeRecurrenceCount = true;
                recurrenceProp1.IsRangeNoEndDate = false;
                recurrenceProp1.IsRangeEndDate = false;
                recurrenceProp1.RangeRecurrenceCount = 10;
                recurrenceProp1.RecurrenceRule = RecurrenceBuilder.RRuleGenerator(recurrenceProp1, appointment1.StartTime, appointment1.EndTime);
                appointment1.RecurrenceRule = recurrenceProp1.RecurrenceRule;
                //adding appointment to the collection  
                schedule.Appointments = appointmentCollection;
                // Set our view from the "main" layout resource