Xamarin.Android Schedule (SfSchedule) Overview

7 Jun 20211 minute to read

SfSchedule is used to provide common scheduling functionalities. The SfSchedule control allows user to create and manage appointments. It includes features such as viewing daily/all day/spanned appointments, complete customization of month cell and appointments, efficient performance.

Key Features

Built-in Views — Schedule provides five different types of views such as Day, WorkWeek, Week, Timeline and Month.

Recurrence Appointment — Recurring appointments can be created with Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurrence patterns which is supported in ICalc standard.

Customization — Control has simple APIs allowing for elegant customizations. You can edit the look to match the rest of your application.

Localization — The build-in content of the user interface can be changed according to culture that is needed. Also, it has built-in culture support for basic items such us day and month text representations.