Loading password protected PDFs

29 Jun 20201 minute to read

Password protected PDFs can be loaded using the LoadDocument(Stream pdfStream, string password) method.

string password = "PASSWORD";
pdfViewerControl.LoadDocument(pdfStream, password);

In the above code snippet, pdfStream is the Stream instance read from the encrypted PDF and password is the key with which the PDF is encrypted.

Handling invalid passwords

If the password provided with the LoadDocument(Stream pdfStream, string password) is invalid, then the PasswordErrorOccurred event is raised. The Title property of the PasswordErrorOccurredEventArgs parameter helps identify whether the event raised due to invalid password. In that case the Title property will read “Error loading encrypted PDF document”.

pdfViewerControl.PasswordErrorOccurred += PdfViewerControl_PasswordErrorOccurred;
private void PdfViewerControl_PasswordErrorOccurred(object sender, PasswordErrorOccurredEventArgs args)
	//Get the details regarding the password error occurred. 
    string title = args.Title;
    string description = args.Description;


The event will also be raised when an encrypted PDF is loaded without providing a password using the LoadDocument(Stream pdfStream) overload.