Character types

29 Nov 20182 minutes to read

The digital characters can be drawn in the following four different segments:

• Seven

• Fourteen

• Sixteen

• EightCrossEightDotMatrix

Seven segment

The seven-segment type is capable of displaying numbers and a few uppercase letters efficiently.

  • C#
  • int totalHeight = this.Resources.DisplayMetrics.HeightPixels;
                SfDigitalGauge sfDigitalGauge = new SfDigitalGauge(this);
                sfDigitalGauge.CharacterStroke = Color.Rgb(20, 108, 237);
                sfDigitalGauge.CharacterHeight = 60;
                sfDigitalGauge.CharactersSpacing = 2;
                sfDigitalGauge.CharacterWidth = 15;
                sfDigitalGauge.SegmentStrokeWidth = 3;
                sfDigitalGauge.CharacterType = CharacterTypes.SegmentSeven;
                sfDigitalGauge.Value = "SYNCFUSION";
                sfDigitalGauge.DimmedSegmentColor = Color.Gray;
                sfDigitalGauge.DimmedSegmentAlpha = 25;
                sfDigitalGauge.LayoutParameters = (new LinearLayout.LayoutParams((int)900, (int)350));
                LinearLayout linearLayout = new LinearLayout(this);
                linearLayout.LayoutParameters = new FrameLayout.LayoutParams(ViewGroup.LayoutParams.MatchParent, (int)(totalHeight * 0.1));

    SevenSegment character type image

    Fourteen segment

    The fourteen-segment type is capable of displaying numbers and alphabet efficiently.

    Fourteen segment character type image

    Sixteen segment

    The sixteen-segment type is capable of displaying numbers and alphabet clearly.

    Sixteen segment character type image

    EightCrossEightDotMatrix segment

    The dot matrix segment type is capable of displaying numbers, alphabet, and special characters efficiently.

    EightCrossEightDotMatrix segment character type image