No Results Found

28 Jun 20191 minute to read

When the entered item is not in the suggestion list, SfComboBox displays a text indicating there is no search results found. We can set the desire text to be displayed for indicating no results found with the NoResultsFoundText property.

comboBox.NoResultsFoundText="No Results Found";


Customizing NoResultsFoundText

The NoResultsFoundTextColor, NoResultsFoundFontSize and NoResultsFoundTypeface properties are used to customize the foreground color, font size and typeface of NoResultsFoundText.

comboBox.NoResultsFoundText = "No Results Found";
comboBox.NoResultsFoundFontSize = 20;
comboBox.NoResultsFoundTextColor = Android.Graphics.Color.DarkGreen;
comboBox.NoResultsFoundTypeface = Typeface.CreateFromAsset(this.Assets, "Pacifico.ttf");