Essential Studio for Xamarin.Android Release Notes

February 01, 2023


Bug Fixes

  • #I419505 - Document is now preserved properly after calling AcceptAll method.
  • #I428035 - Document protection is now maintained properly while converting a DOC to DOCX format document.
  • #I425395 - Table style is now applied properly while converting a HTML to DOCX format document.
  • #I425444, #I427182 - Table is now preserved properly while converting a DOCX format document to PDF.


Bug Fixes

  • #I425779 - The text display location is now functioning correctly for PDF EAN Barcodes.
  • #I427697 - Preservation issue in the form no longer occurs after setting the default appearance to the form field.
  • #I429282 - The PDF document now conforms to standards, and the metadata has been successfully updated.
  • #I429447 - An exception will no longer occur while flattening the annotations in the PDF document.
  • #I429552 - The scanning of PdfCode93 and UPC barcodes is now functioning correctly even when drawn multiple times.
  • #I430456 - The position of the Pie when drawn is now accurate when using floating point values.
  • #I428728 - Hanging issues no longer occurs when performing Pdf to PDF/A conversion.
  • #F179370 - Annotations and form fields missing issue will no longer occur when loading PDF documents.
  • #I425746 - Text extraction with Line collection returns correct results.
  • #I423955 - Culture changes to the invariant issue will no longer occur after performing Extract text operation.



  • #I375598 - Now, SfCalendar control supports customization of text size for both inline and agenda appointments. This can be achieved by using the InlineAppointmentTextSize property to adjust the text size of the appointments and the InlineAppointmentTimeTextSize property to adjust the time text size.


Bug Fixes

  • Exception thrown while exporting data table with formulas is now resolved.