Essential Studio for Xamarin.Android Release Notes

April 24,2018


Bug Fixes

  • #198662 - Image is now preserved properly while merging DOC format documents and saving as DOCX format document.
  • #200715 - Ampersand symbol is now imported properly from a particular HTML file.
  • #200861 - The content control text is now preserved properly while converting a particular DOCX format document as RTF.
  • #201472 - File path is now shown properly in hyperlink which is created by using AppendHyperlink method.
  • #201937, #202761 - ArgumentOutOfRangeException will be no longer thrown while performing Mail merge in a particular Word document.
  • #200702 - Alternative text for OLE Picture is now preserved properly while saving a particular DOCX format document.
  • #200882 - Decimal separator is now preserved properly while exporting a particular HTML file in machines with German culture.


Bug Fixes

  • #201506 - Used memory is now disposed properly after resaving the PowerPoint presentation with charts


Bug Fixes

  • # I202259 – ObjectDisposedException will not be thrown while activating the tooltip.


Bug fixes

  • #200837 - Exception thrown when dropping the dragged row as last item in grid has been fixed.



  • #201193 - Support is provided to retain formula references while removing and reattaching worksheets.

Breaking Changes

  • #201193 - UpdateSheetFormulaReference is added in IApplication interface to ensure whether to remove worksheet reference in formulas on removing and reattaching the worksheet.

Bug fixes

  • #F136967 - Issue while parsing numeric cell value in Brazil culture is fixed.
  • #200508 - Pivot field sorting is incorrect while sorting month name is fixed.
  • #203029 - Issue with nullable properties not getting exported in Business Objects is fixed.
  • #201868 - ArgumentException raised while retrieving UsedRange for binary file is fixed.
  • #201968 - Issue while setting formula with IF function is fixed.
  • #200818 - File gets corrupted while setting numeric value for named ranges is resolved.
  • #201967 - Issue with percentage values in chart is fixed.
  • #201131 - Formula value is incorrect while parsing the workbook is fixed.
  • #201140 - Performance issue while opening excel file with charts is fixed.
  • #200629 - Need to skip the exception for null values in template marker.
  • #199992, #202778, #202886 - Issue with invalid formula in OfficeChart is fixed.
  • #201506 - Memory leak issue in OfficeChart is resolved.
  • Issue with incorrect table formula value is fixed.