Essential Studio for Xamarin.Android Release Notes

February 28, 2017


Bug Fixes

  • #171423 - ArgumentOutOfRangeException will no longer thrown while importing and resaving a particular Word document.
  • #171051, #173099 - File is no longer corrupted while resaving a particular DOCX format document.
  • #169663 - File size is now reduced while converting a Word document as RTF by enabling the OptimizeRtfFileSize property of SaveOptions class.
  • #171841 - Merge field number format preservation issue has been resolved while performing Mail merge execution.
  • #172854 - NullReferenceException will no longer thrown while using FindSingleLine() method in Multithreading.
  • #171100 - Ref field result is now preserved properly while updating document fields for a particular Word document.
  • #171613 - Marker color of the scatter chart is now preserved properly while resaving a DOCX format document.
  • #171423 - Data label of the chart is now preserved properly while resaving a particular DOCX format document.


Bug Fixes

  • #172260- PdfLightTable cell customization is now preserving properly when disable the AllowRowBreakAcrossPages.
  • #172269- Index out of range exception is no longer thrown when viewing PDF document in PDF Viewer.
  • # 171703- PdfLightTable headers are drawing only once when enable the ShowHeader.
  • #171857- Form fields values are preserving properly when flattening the form fields.
  • #172460- NotSupportedException no longer thrown while using PdfTrueTypeFont.


Bug Fixes

  • #170494 - The resaved PowerPoint presentation will be no longer corrupted while opening in Microsoft Office 2007.


Bug Fixes

  • #173035 - Issue with background color getting the color of the theme applied in a Circulargauge has been fixed in Xamarin.Android.



  • #171175 – Support to get ‘DraggingRowData’ in ‘QueryRowDraggingEventArgs’ has been provided.


Bug Fixes

  • #173246 - Now we can get the view of Rotator control inside the axml Layout file


Bug Fixes

  • #173258 - Now, SelectedAppointment has value in the ScheduleCellTapped event trigged from MonthView.


Bug fixes

  • #171362 - Date format is maintained while importing data using Template Markers.
  • #171130 - Workbook protection password is maintained while re-saving Excel document.
  • #172188 - Exception thrown while parsing custom properties of Excel document has been resolved.
  • #172449 - Empty string can be assigned to workbook application name.
  • #172619 - Exception thrown while opening an Excel document with more than 32 characters in data validation title has been resolved.
  • #172767 - Exception thrown while opening an Excel document with numeric separators modified has been resolved.
  • #171513 - Applying standard height sets custom height to proper value in XLS document.
  • #95412 - Text rotation for chart axis is applied proper while creating charts.
  • #172748 - Date value “01/01/0001” is considered as string.
  • #171998 - File with empty space in table column header is no more corrupted.
  • #172562 - Data field is now applied proper in pivot table creation.