WPF Tile View Overview

The Syncfusion TileViewControl acts as a container that holds a set of TileViewItems, in which you can host rich information. You can maximize, minimize and drag the items of the TileViewControl in a matrix position to achieve the best layout. The TileViewControl supports Hi-Fi User Interface that includes the features mentioned below.

  • Auto TileViewItem arrangements are in the matrix order.
  • Drag-drop facilities to rearrange the TileViewItems.
  • Allows maximizing and minimizing the TileViewItems.
  • The minimized position of the TileViewItems horizontal and vertical positions.
  • In horizontal minimized position, the TileViewItems are arranged at the bottom or top of the maximized TileViewItem.
  • In vertical minimized position, the TileViewItem are arranged at the right side or left side of the maximized TileViewItem.

Structure of the TileViewControl

Structure of TileView control