IsSelected in WPF Tile View

IsSelected is a boolean property in the TileViewItem which is used to select a particular TileViewItem. If the IsSelected property of a TileViewItem is set to True, the set TileViewItems opacity is set to 1 and the remaining TileViewItems opacity will be reduced to show the difference.

Use Case Scenarios

This feature will be very useful when you who want to select a particular TileViewItem.

Adding IsSelected to an Application

IsSelected can be added to an application by using either XAML or C# code.

The following code example illustrates how to add the IsSelected to an application.

<syncfusion:TileViewControl x:Name="TileView" Height="600" Width="800">

      <syncfusion:TileViewItem x:Name="Tile1" Header="TileViewItem 1" />

      <syncfusion:TileViewItem x:Name="Tile2" Header="TileViewItem 2" />

      <syncfusion:TileViewItem x:Name="Tile3" Header="TileViewItem 3" />

      <syncfusion:TileViewItem x:Name="Tile4" Header="TileViewItem 4" 

                               IsSelected="True" /> 

TileViewControl Tile = new TileViewControl();

      TileViewItem item1 = new TileViewItem();

      item1.IsSelected = true;

To view samples:

  1. Select Start -> Programs -> Syncfusion -> Essential Studio x.x.xx -> Dashboard.
  2. Select Run Locally Installed Samples in WPF Button.
  3. Now expand the DragAndDropManagerDemo tree-view item in the Sample Browser.
  4. Choose any one of the samples listed under it to launch.