WPF TaskBar Overview

27 May 20211 minute to read

TaskBar control has the capability to provide an UI that is similar to the Windows Explorer TaskBar. It provides a consistent UI for placing commonly used functionalities as grouped items. You can place any Container Panel control inside the TaskBar. For example, when the customized Grid Panel with other controls are placed inside the TaskBar Item, it will be automatically arranged inside the TaskBar Items collection. TaskBar supports the Office2007Black, Blue, Silver, Office2003 and Blend themes.


  • Windows Explorer TaskBar look and feel.
  • Horizontal / Vertical layouts for TaskBar Boxes.
  • Provides support to customize the background, header size, and collapse / expand the TaskBar Header.
  • Keyboard navigation support.
  • Ability to specify custom group margin and padding.
  • Supports built-in visual styles - Default, Win XP, Zune, Aero, Office2007Blue, Office2007Black, Office2007Silver, Office2003, Blend, LunaRoyale, LunaHomestead and LunaMetallic.