Setting Tab Scroll Button in WPF TabControl (TabControlExt)

Tab Scroll button visibility is controlled by using the TabScrollButtonVisibility property of the TabControlExt control. This is a dependency property which provides the following options to control the visibility of the Scroll button.

  • Hidden–Scroll button is hidden
  • Visible–Scroll button is displayed
  • Auto–Scroll button is displayed automatically, if needed

Here is the code snippet to set the Tab Scroll Button Visibility as “Visible”.

<!-- Adding TabcontrolExt -->

<syncfusion:TabControlExt Name="tabControlExt" TabScrollButtonVisibility="Visible">

    <!-- Adding TabItemExt -->

    <syncfusion:TabItemExt Name="tabItemExt1" Header="TabItemExt1">


    <!-- Adding TabItemExt -->

    <syncfusion:TabItemExt Name="tabItemExt2" Header="TabItemExt2" >


// Creating instance of the TabControlExt control

TabControlExt tabControlExt = new TabControlExt();

//Creating the instance of StackPanel

StackPanel stackPanel = new StackPanel();

//Creating instance of the TabItemExt 

TabItemExt tabItemExt1 = new TabItemExt();

// Setting header of the TabItemExt

tabItemExt1.Header = "TabItemExt1";

//Adding TabItemExt to TabControlExt


// Changing the Visibility of Scroll button 

tabControlExt.TabScrollButtonVisibility = TabScrollButtonVisibility.Visible;

//Adding control to the StackPanel


Tab scroll button visibility

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