Orientation in WPF Tab Splitter

7 May 20211 minute to read

TabSplitter Items are placed horizontally or vertically by using the Orientation property. This is a dependency property which sets the orientation of the TabSplitter Item. It supports the following types of orientation.

  • Horizontal: TabSplitter Item in the TabSplitter is placed horizontally
  • Vertical: TabSplitter Item in the TabSplitter is placed vertically

Set the orientation using the code given below:

<!-- Adding TabSplitter -->

<syncfusion:TabSplitter Name="tabsplitter">

    <!-- Adding TabSplitterItem -->

    <syncfusion:TabSplitterItem Header="Window1.xml" Orientation="Vertical" Name="tabSplitterItem1">

        <!-- Adding TopPanelItems -->


            <!-- Adding SplitterPage -->

            <syncfusion:SplitterPage Name="splitterPage1" Header="XAML">



        <!-- Adding BottomPanelItems -->


            <!-- Adding SplitterPage -->

            <syncfusion:SplitterPage Name="splitterPage2" Header="Design">




// Set the Orientation

tabSplitterItem1.Orientation = Orientation.Vertical;

Tab panel orientation