Supported Languages in WPF Syntax Editor

19 Jan 20231 minute to read

Edit for WPF provides built-in support for a procedural and markup languages such as C#, Visual Basic, XAML and XML. It also supports SQL language and facilitates the users to provide custom language configurations.

With the language support, EditControl enables the users to create, open, modify and save programming codes from different file types. EditControl provides built in Syntax highlighting and outlining support for all supported languages with SQL being exception in outlining support. It also provides built-in IntelliSense support for all procedural languages such as C# and Visual Basic.

The DocumentLanguage property in the EditControl class allows users to select their preferred language. This property is of enum type, with a default value of Text, and includes options for the following languages:

  1. C

  2. C Sharp

  3. Custom

  4. Delphi

  5. HTML

  6. Java

  7. JScript

  8. PowerShell

  9. SQL

  10. Text

  11. VBScript

  12. Visual Basic

  13. XAML

  14. XML

The following code snippet demonstrates how to change the DocumentLanguage property:

<sfedit:EditControl x:Name="editControl" DocumentLanguage="CSharp" DocumentSource="C:\Source.cs" FontSize="13"/>
editControl.DocumentLanguage = Languages.CSharp;

The following image displays the EditControl displaying contents.

EdiControl language support