Essential Studio for WPF Release Notes

May 12, 2022


Bug Fixes

  • #I374475, I376289 - Paragraph shading is now preserved properly while converting a Word document to PDF
  • #I374538 - PDF file size is reduced while converting a Word document to PDF.


Bug fixes

  • #I372880 - The UI element and its text are now aligned properly in FindReplaceDialog of EditControl.


Bug fixes

  • #I369535 - While using a CustomDataSource, all markers will not be re-rendered when dynamically changing anyone marker’s property.
  • #F136480 - Hovering over one MenuItemAdv no longer activates the other MenuItemAdv items in the MenuAdv.



  • #I361979 - Added support to load items from the existing signature field.
  • #I368179 - Added support to detect if the document signature is signed with a timestamp alone.
  • #I363215 - Added the support to remove all unsupported annotations while flattening an existing PDF document.

Bug Fixes

  • #I373194 - Argument exception will no longer occur when inserting a page from one document into another document.
  • #F173841 - The Grid Cell overlapping issue will no longer occur when drawing a PDF grid with a nested grid on a multi-page document.
  • #I369816 - Memory consumption issues will no longer occur when getting the form fields font repeatedly.
  • #I370457 - PDF pages are now shown properly after merging or appending multiple PDF documents into one PDF.
  • #I371562 - No longer provided stream disposed when loading a specific PDF in PdfLoadedDocument.
  • #I371079 - Index out of bounds exception will no longer occur when verifying the digital signature.
  • #I366088 - PdfCertificate is now created without any delay with X509Certificate in an Offline environment.
  • #I372318 - The parent bookmarks are now removed from the PDF document without any issues.
  • #I372076 - The Destination page index is now retrieved properly for loaded named destinations.
  • #F173683 - Loaded annotation is now retrieved properly while using its name.
  • #I372976 - The check box border width can now be accessed properly without any issues in the PDF document.
  • #I373386 - Font height is now updated properly while creating a new TrueType font with the existing TrueType font.
  • #I372361 - Hyperlinks now work properly while converting conformance PDF to PDF A2B document.
  • #I370979 - There is no longer a hanging issue when calling the redact method on a specific PDF document.
  • #I371416, #I370670 - An exception will no longer occur when merging the document with other PDF documents.
  • #I372831 - Checkbox values now look properly in all PDF viewers.
  • #F173437 - The row issue will no longer occur when an extra page is added on PDFGrid rendering.
  • #I370312 - Date time format in the text box field is now preserved properly after flattening the PDF document.
  • #I375999 - The child bookmark cloning issue is resolved while splitting the PDF document.
  • #I375403 - The checkbox field symbols are now shown properly after flattening the PDF document.
  • #I370362, #I373543, #I376707 - The PDF document will no longer be corrupted while creating tagged PDFs from different cultural settings.
  • #I370753 - An exception will no longer occur while performing OCR on multi-threading.
  • #I372396 - XML XPathException will no longer occur when loading and saving the PDF document.
  • #I375314 - A “parameter is not valid” exception will no longer occur while OCRing the PDF document.


Bug Fixes

  • #F173693 – The dialogue box to save the changes will now raise properly, when the modified loaded document get close.
  • #I372110 – Saved document will no longer be corrupted after printing.
  • #I368156 – The System.FormatException will no longer occur when extracting text from the PDF document.


Breaking Changes

  • FontSettings class is moved to Syncfusion.Presentation namespace.


Bug fixes

  • #I373863 - The background property of accordion items now works properly when applying fluent theme in SfAccordion control.


Bug fixes

  • #I370675 - Now, the DragOver event will be triggered properly for dropping from the stencil when the stencil’s ShowPreview constraint is enabled.
  • #I371082 - Now, the ContextMenu for the multiple selection will be rendered based on the captured node’s Menu property.
  • #I373306 - Now, the ArgumentOutOfRangeException will no longer be thrown when the cumulative lane’s height is lesser than the swimlane’s height.
  • #I371624 - Dropping an item from the stencil can now be cancelled using the Cancel argument of ItemDrop event.
  • #I372728 - Resizing a node can now be cancelled using the Cancel argument of SelectorChanged event.
  • #I373916 - Nodes will be snapped properly for the given SnapInterval for all LengthUnit.
  • #I370874 - Keyboard shortcuts involving the Ctrl key will now work properly for the German Keyboard layout.
  • #I373866 - Now, the phase can be resized properly even if any lane is in selected state.
  • #I374516 - Nodes will now be re-arranged properly when deleting multiple parents in the Multi-Parent Hierarchical Tree Layout.
  • #I376995 - Nodes position will now be retained when deleting a node in a Hierarchical Tree Layout with RefreshFrequency set as Add.
  • #I374408 - Now, the NullReferenceException will no longer be thrown when creating a Flowchart layout with a single node.
  • #I373134 - Now, the icon for the Print Preview window can be customized.
  • #I377332 - Now, the ArgumentException will no longer be thrown when applying the Lime theme for the diagram.
  • #F173563 - Now, the node’s HitPadding and PortVisibility properties will be serialized properly for the node that dropped from the stencil.
  • #F174100 - Node’s movement can be restricted using the BoundaryConstraints argument of NodeChangedCommand.


Bug Fixes

  • #FB33193 - Non-breaking space is now preserved properly on exporting as HTML
  • #F174452 - Exporting as an embedded image instead of a file path is now working properly on HTML
  • #I372398 - Exception will be no longer thrown while importing table with empty paragraphs
  • #I354730 - List is now preserved properly when the list level and symbol are different
  • \Empty table cell merging is now working properly
  • #I372369 - Default font size is now properly maintained on import and export HTML


Bug fixes

Visual Studio Extensions

Bug Fixes

  • #FB33557 - Removed Syncfusion reference manager option for class library application.


Bug Fixes

  • #I377757, #I377705, #I377816 - Null reference exception being thrown while creating an Excel document with hyperlink is now resolved.