Essential Studio for WPF Release Notes

April 06, 2021


No Changes for this product in this version.


Bug Fixes

  • #F161217 - StackOverflowException will no longer occurs while finding the corrupted PDF document.
  • #318660 - Extra newline characters are now added properly in the existing text field in a PDF document.
  • #318010 - Characters are now rendered properly after creating appearance for form fields.
  • #319553 - PDF Compression is optimized the large file size on particular PDF document.
  • #316316 - An exception will no longer be thrown when loading a large PDF document.



  • #F162991 – Added localization support for the missing areas, such as Arrow start and end types.

Bug Fixes

  • #I317435 – The time consumption of extracting images is now optimized, if there is no image in the pages.


No Changes for this product in this version.


Bug Fixes

  • #I318618,F163113 - Null reference exception is no longer be thrown when the underlying collection has zero items and CheckBoxMappingName property is set.


Bug Fixes

  • #314806 - The Hierarchical tree layout will be rendered properly when updating the DataSource at runtime.
  • #318505 - The TargetInvocationException will no longer occur while clear and update the node collection with annotation.


Bug Fixes

  • #I317738 - Button position is now proper while resaving the Excel document.
  • #I313290 - Fixed Argument Exception while converting Excel to HTML.
  • #I317793 - Fixed issue of pivot table fonts getting changed while resaving the Excel file.

Fixed ObjectReferenceException while opening the Excel document.
Pivot border is now handled correctly in Pivot Layout.
Scatter chart with color to data point is now rendered correctly in Excel to PDF conversion.