Essential Studio for WPF Release Notes

March 4, 2016


Bug Fixes

  • #149899 - Legend will be viewed correctly while loading chart inside the Frame control, as its source.
  • #150820 - Zooming toolbar icons are activated properly while selection zooming done across the chart area.
  • #149982 - Tick lines position are aligned properly with respect to the grid lines position, when we set ‘EdgeLabelDrawingMode’ property as Fit.
  • #150660 - Area series with large number of data points can be view clearly in the zoomed state, i.e., without stretching.

Diagram (Classic)

Bug fixes

  • #150930 - ConnectionPort does not connect while Visibility is hidden.


Bug Fixes

  • #149223 - Word documents with huge content are now converted to PDF without hang in a reasonable time.
  • #149496 - Word document layout options are now preserved properly in the generated DOCX document.
  • #149192 - Table border is now preserved properly while converting HTML to Word document.
  • #151035, #151119 - An item with the same key has already been added. exception is no longer thrown while Mail merging.
  • TextBefore and TextAfter properties of merge fields are now preserved properly.


Bug Fixes


Bug fixes

  • #151145 - SelectedItem will not be maintained in SelectedItems collection when the SelectedItem is set to null.
  • #150304 - Issue in filtering with Wildcard symbol in FilterBar has been resolved.
  • #149950 - Dashboard Sample level corrections are updated.



  • #147618 - Support to timestamp the existing PDF document is added.
  • Support for named destination is added.


Bug fixes

  • #150470 - NullReferenceException is no longer thrown when adding the RowData into the SelectedItems.


Bug fixes

  • #150221 - Null Reference Exception does not occurs when using IConnector.
  • #152778 - The Node will be generated with type of ViewModel when it is implemented with INode.
  • #151513 - NodePortViewModel is implemented with INodePort.
  • #152741 - Symbol will be drag and dropped from Stencil to ChildWindow.
  • #150144 - Null Reference Exception does not occurs when using custom Layout from LayoutBase.
  • #152937 - Null Reference Exception does not occurs when adding invalid Segments to Connector.
  • #151513 - Shape and ShapeStyle will be applied to objects which are inherited from INode and INodePort.


Bug Fixes

  • #150902 – Added event to notify the document change in SfRichTextBoxAdv control.
  • #151367 – Invalid operation exception is no longer thrown while disposing SfRichTextBoxAdv control.


Bug fixes

  • #149394 - IF formula returns wrong value when it contains interior formula has been fixed.
  • #150944 - SUBTOTAL formula returns wrong value when it dependent cells contain another SUBTOTAL has been fixed.