How to load an existing PivotEngine into PivotGrid?

23 Oct 20191 minute to read

After defining the PivotGrid control, set the property IsExternalEngine as true. Now create a new PivotEngine using PivotEngine class and assign it to your PivotGrid control’s PivotEngine.

Please refer the below code sample.

  • c#
  • public MainWindow()
                PivotGridControl pivotGrid = new PivotGridControl();
                ///Set IsExternalEngine to true to use the external PivotEngine.
                pivotGrid.IsExternalEngine = true;
                ///Create a new instance of the PivotEngine.
                PivotEngine pivotEngine = new PivotEngine();
                ///Assign the new engine to PivotGrid control.
                pivotGrid.PivotEngine = pivotEngine;