Paging in WPF OLAP Common

6 May 20211 minute to read

Paging enables users to view large records by breaking them into smaller segments.

Paging feature can be achieved by setting the EnablePaging property to true in a report.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to enable paging in the current report.

olapDataManager.CurrentReport.EnablePaging = true;
olapDataManager.CurrentReport.EnablePaging = True

The user can customize the page settings such as current page and page size for both row and column.

The following code explains how to customize current page and page size settings.

olapDataManager.CurrentReport.PagerOptions.CategorialCurrentPage = 1;

olapDataManager.CurrentReport.PagerOptions.SeriesCurrentPage = 2;

olapDataManager.CurrentReport.PagerOptions.CategorialPageSize = 50;

olapDataManager.CurrentReport.PagerOptions.SeriesPageSize = 50;
olapDataManager.CurrentReport.PagerOptions.CategorialCurrentPage = 1

olapDataManager.CurrentReport.PagerOptions.SeriesCurrentPage = 2

olapDataManager.CurrentReport.PagerOptions.CategorialPageSize = 50

olapDataManager.CurrentReport.PagerOptions.SeriesPageSize = 50