Establish the connection for a Cube file

1 Nov 2019 / 1 minute to read

A valid string is required to establish connection for an OlapDataManager.

Here is the code snippet that demonstrates how to connect cube file by using connection string:

OlapDataManager dataManager = new OlapDataManager("DataSource= AdventureWorks_Ext.cub; Provider=MSOLAP");
Dim dataManager As New OlapDataManager("DataSource= AdventureWorks_Ext.cub; Provider=MSOLAP")
Syncfusion.Olap.DataProvider.IDataProvider dataProvider = new Syncfusion.Olap.DataProvider.AdomdDataProvider("DataSource= AdventureWorks_Ext.cub; Provider=MSOLAP");

OlapDataManager dataManager = new OlapDataManager(dataProvider);
Dim dataProvider As Syncfusion.Olap.DataProvider.IDataProvider = New Syncfusion.Olap.DataProvider.AdomdDataProvider("DataSource= AdventureWorks_Ext.cub; Provider=MSOLAP")

Dim dataManager As New OlapDataManager(dataProvider)