Localization Support

23 Oct 20196 minutes to read

Localization is the key feature for providing software solutions targeted at global users. Essential BI OLAP client for WPF allows users to localize the control to a specific locale. The following document briefly explains the step by step procedure to localize an OLAP client for the WPF control.

Localizing the OLAP client in an application

The OLAP client for WPF supports “resx” based localization. The following steps should be performed to localize the control.

  • Translation.
  • Resource file and file name conventions.
  • tag inclusion into the project file.
  • Specifying the CurrentUICulture.

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Getting Started


The first step in localization is translating the strings that can be localized to the destination locale. Basically, OlapClient.WPF contains control assemblies such as OlapChart.WPF and OlapGrid.WPF and tools assemblies such as OlapShared.WPF and OlapTools.WPF within it. So, it is mandatory to localize those assemblies. The following tables contain the localization keys and strings to be localized for OlapClient.WPF, OlapChart.WPF, OlapGrid.WPF, OlapShared.WPF, and OlapTools.WPF assemblies. Translate the second column in each table, which contains the strings to be localized to the target locale.


Localization key field should be same for all locales. Do not translate it.

Localization strings table for OlapClient.WPF

Localization Key Strings to be localized
OlapClient_ChartTabHeader Chart
OlapClient_ChartToolbar_ChartColorPalette_ToolTip Chart Color Palette
OlapClient_ChartToolbar_ChartTypes_ToolTip Chart Types
OlapClient_ChartToolbar_Export_ToolTip Exports Chart as an Image
OlapClient_ChartToolbar_ExportPdf_ToolTip Export to PDF
OlapClient_ChartToolbar_ExportWord_ToolTip Export to Word
OlapClient_ChartToolbar_Print_ToolTip Print Chart
OlapClient_ChartToolbar_PrintMode_ToolTip Print Mode
OlapClient_ChartToolbar_ShowAppearanceDialog_ToolTip Show Chart Appearance Dialog
OlapClient_ChartToolbar_ShowLegend_ToolTip Show Legend
OlapClient_ColumnAxis_HeaderText Columns (Categorical)
OlapClient_ColumnRowSubsetFilter_ToolTip Subset Filter
OlapClient_Connect_Dlg_Browse Browse
OlapClient_Connect_Dlg_Cancel Cancel
OlapClient_Connect_Dlg_Connection_String_Header Connection String
OlapClient_Connect_Dlg_Credential Credential
OlapClient_Connect_Dlg_Data_Source_Header Data source
OlapClient_Connect_Dlg_DatabaseName Database Name:
OlapClient_Connect_Dlg_EnterCredential_Header Enter credentials
OlapClient_Connect_Dlg_Header Server options
OlapClient_Connect_Dlg_Offline_Cube_Header Offline Cube
OlapClient_Connect_Dlg_Ok OK
OlapClient_Connect_Dlg_Password Password:
OlapClient_Connect_Dlg_Server_Header Server
OlapClient_Connect_Dlg_ServerName Server Name:
OlapClient_Connect_Dlg_User_Name User Name:
OlapClient_ConnectOptions_Dlg_Title Connection Option
OlapClient_CubeDimensionBrowser_HeaderText MetaTree
OlapClient_CubeSelector_HeaderText Cubes
OlapClient_CubeSelector_ToolTip Cube Selector
OlapClient_GridTabHeader Grid
OlapClient_GridToolbar_ExportExcel_ToolTip Export to Excel
OlapClient_GridToolbar_ExportPdf_ToolTip Export to PDF
OlapClient_GridToolbar_ExportWord_ToolTip Export to Word
OlapClient_GridToolbar_FreezeHeaders_ToolTip Freeze Headers
OlapClient_GridToolbar_GridLayout_ToolTip Grid Layouts
OlapClient_GridToolbar_GridStyleDialog_ToolTip Show Grid Style Dialog
OlapClient_GridToolbar_HeaderCellTooltip_ToolTip Show Header Cell Tooltip
OlapClient_GridToolbar_ValueCellTooltip_ToolTip Show Value Cell ToolTip
OlapClient_ReportName_Dlg_ReportName Report Name
OlapClient_RowAxis_HeaderText Rows (Series)
OlapClient_SlicerAxis_HeaderText Slicer
OlapClient_TogglePivot_ToolTip Toggle Pivot
OlapClient_Toolbar_AddReport_ToolTip Add Report
OlapClient_Toolbar_ColumnFilter_ToolTip Column Filter
OlapClient_Toolbar_ConnectionOption_ToolTip Connect to Server
OlapClient_Toolbar_LoadReport_ToolTip Load Report
OlapClient_Toolbar_NewReport_ToolTip New Report
OlapClient_Toolbar_RemoveReport_ToolTip Remove Report
OlapClient_Toolbar_RenameReport_ToolTip Rename Report
OlapClient_Toolbar_ReportList_ToolTip Report List
OlapClient_Toolbar_RowFilter_ToolTip Row Filter
OlapClient_Toolbar_SaveAsReport_ToolTip Save As Report
OlapClient_Toolbar_SaveReport_ToolTip Save Report
OlapClient_Toolbar_ShowExpanders_ToolTip Show Expanders
OlapClient_Toolbar_SortingColumn_ToolTip Sorting Column
OlapClient_Toolbar_SortingRow_ToolTip Sorting Row

Localization strings table for OlapChart.WPF

Localization key Strings to be localized
OlapChart_Dialog_Appearance_Tab Appearance
OlapChart_Dialog_Axis_Tab Axis Labels
OlapChart_Dialog_AxisLabel_FontColor Font Color
OlapChart_Dialog_AxisLabel_FontFace Font Face
OlapChart_Dialog_AxisLabel_FontStyle Font Style
OlapChart_Dialog_BackgroundStyle_Header Background Style
OlapChart_Dialog_BorderColor Color:
OlapChart_Dialog_BorderStyle_Header Border Style
OlapChart_Dialog_BorderWidth Width:
OlapChart_Dialog_CancelButton Cancel
OlapChart_Dialog_Chart_Tab Chart
OlapChart_Dialog_ChartBackground Chart Control:
OlapChart_Dialog_ChartInterior Chart Interior:
OlapChart_Dialog_ChartPalette Chart Palette:
OlapChart_Dialog_ChartStyle_Header Chart Style
OlapChart_Dialog_ChartType Chart Type:
OlapChart_Dialog_CircleAsSymbol Circle
OlapChart_Dialog_LabelVisibility_Header Label Visibility
OlapChart_Dialog_LegendCheckBoxVisibility Show CheckBox
OlapChart_Dialog_LegendPosition Position:
OlapChart_Dialog_Legends_Header Legends
OlapChart_Dialog_LegendVisibility Show Legend
OlapChart_Dialog_OkButton OK
OlapChart_Dialog_Point_Labels_Tab Point Labels
OlapChart_Dialog_RectangleAsSymbol Rectangle
OlapChart_Dialog_SeriesNameAsLabelContent Series Name
OlapChart_Dialog_SymbolVisibility_Header Symbol Visibility
OlapChart_Dialog_Title Chart Appearance Dialog
OlapChart_Dialog_TriangleAsSymbol Triangle
OlapChart_Dialog_XAxis_Header X Axis
OlapChart_Dialog_XValueAsLabelContent X Value
OlapChart_Dialog_YAxis_Header Y Axis
OlapChart_Dialog_YValueAsLabelContent Y Value

Localization strings table for OlapGrid.WPF

Localization key Strings to be localized
OlapGrid_Column_Tooltip Columns :
OlapGrid_Dialog_Background_Color Background Color
OlapGrid_Dialog_Cancel Cancel
OlapGrid_Dialog_CellStyles Cell Styles
OlapGrid_Dialog_ColumnHeader Column Header
OlapGrid_Dialog_ColumnSummary Column Summary
OlapGrid_Dialog_Font_Color Font Color
OlapGrid_Dialog_Font_Name Font Name
OlapGrid_Dialog_Font_Size Font Size
OlapGrid_Dialog_Font_Style Font Style
OlapGrid_Dialog_Foreground_Color Foreground Color
OlapGrid_Dialog_HeaderFont Header Font
OlapGrid_Dialog_HeaderStyle Header Style
OlapGrid_Dialog_Ok OK
OlapGrid_Dialog_RowHeader Row Header
OlapGrid_Dialog_RowSummary Row Summary
OlapGrid_Dialog_SummaryFont Summary Font
OlapGrid_Dialog_SummaryStyle Summary Style
OlapGrid_Dialog_Title Apply Style
OlapGrid_Measure_Tooltip Measure :
OlapGrid_Row_Tooltip Rows:
OlapGrid_Value_Tooltip Values :

Localization strings table for OlapShared.WPF

Localization key Strings to be localized
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_Cancel Cancel
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_EmptyResult_Header Empty Results
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_Filter_Tab Filter
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_Filter1_Header Filter 1
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_Filter2_Header Filter 2
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_FilterEmptyColumns Filter Empty Columns
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_FilterEmptyRows Filter Empty Rows
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_FilterOn Filter On
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_FilterOnValue Value
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_Header Filtering and Sorting
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_OnColumn On Column
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_OnRow On Row
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_Sort_Header Sort
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_Sort_Preserver_Hierarchy Preserve Hierarchy
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_SortAsc Ascending
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_SortDesc Descending
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_Sorting_Tab Sorting
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_SortingOn Sorting On
OlapTools_FilterSorting_Dlg_Update Update
OlapTools_FilterSorting_FilterCondition Condition

Localization strings table for OlapTools.WPF

Localization key Strings to be localized
OlapTools_Editor_Cancel Cancel
OlapTools_Editor_Ok OK
OlapTools_Editor_SplitButton_Delete_ToolTip Delete
OlapTools_Editor_SplitButton_MoveDown_ToolTip Move Down
OlapTools_Editor_SplitButton_MoveUp_ToolTip Move Up
OlapTools_MeasureEditor_Remove_ContextMenu Remove
OlapTools_MeasureEditor_Title Measure Editor
OlapTools_MemberEditor_CheckAll_UnCheckAll Check / UnCheck All
OlapTools_MemberEditor_Title Member Editor
OlapTools_SubsetFilter_DropDown_Text Max number of records to be displayed.

Resource file and file name conventions

After translating the strings that can be localized, perform the following in the application:

  1. Right-click the project file to create a new folder in the project.
  2. Select Add > New Folder.
  3. Rename the folder as Resources.


The folder name should strictly be Resources.

  1. Now, right-click the Resources folder to create a new resource file in the Visual Studio project file.
  2. Navigate to Add > New Item.

The Add New Item dialog displays as follows.

  1. Select resources file from the list. Name the resource file: Syncfusion.OlapClient.WPF.fr-FR.resx and then click Add.


    The resource file name should strictly be in the format “Syncfusion.OlapClient.WPF.«Culture Code».resx”.


    • Syncfusion.OlapClient.WPF.es.resx
    • Syncfusion.OlapClient.WPF.ja-JP.resx
    • Syncfusion.OlapClient.WPF.it-IT.resx

    Similarly, for OlapChart.WPF assembly, add one more new resource file. Name the resource file as Syncfusion.OlapChart.WPF.fr-FR.resx.

    For OlapGrid.WPF assembly, add one more new resource file. Name the resource file as Syncfusion.OlapGrid.WPF.fr-FR.resx.

    For OlapShared.WPF assembly, add one more new resource file. Name the resource file as Syncfusion.OlapShared.WPF.fr-FR.resx.

    For OlapTools.WPF assembly, add one more new resource file. Name the resource file as Syncfusion.OlapTools.WPF.fr-FR.resx.

    Now, the new resource file is included successfully.

  2. Copy and paste the translated locale to the resource file created in the earlier step.

<SupportedCultures> Tag inclusion into the project file

In Silverlight, you should specify the list of supported cultures using the tag in the project file. To specify the supported cultures in a project file, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Solution Explorer, right-click the project file and select Unload.
  2. Again, right-click the project file and select Edit. Now, the project files will appear in the XML editor in Visual Studio.
  3. Find the tag , and then specify the culture code, which is already appended in the resource file name.

    Example: fr-FR

    You can specify multiple cultures by using the (;) semicolon operator to separate the culture codes.


  4. Now, right-click the project name and select Reload.

Now, the supported cultures are included in the project file.

Specifying the CurrentUICulture

Now, you should specify the CurrentUICulture of the application. You can specify the CurrentUICulture either from Application_Startup in App.xaml.cs or from the constructor on the MainPage (If you are specifying the current culture on the main page, then make sure, this is assigned before calling the InitializeComponent method). The following code snippets describe the two variations.

public MainPage() 


     System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture =

     new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("fr-FR"); 

     System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture =

     new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("fr-FR"); 


Public Sub New()

System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = New System.Globalization.CultureInfo("fr-FR")

System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = New System.Globalization.CultureInfo("fr-FR")


End Sub
private void Application_Startup(object sender, StartupEventArgs e) 


    System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = 

    new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("fr-FR"); 

    System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = 

    new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("fr-FR"); 

    this.RootVisual = new MainPage(); 

Private Sub Application_Startup(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As StartupEventArgs)

System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = New System.Globalization.CultureInfo("fr-FR")

System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = New System.Globalization.CultureInfo("fr-FR")

Me.RootVisual = New MainPage()

End Sub