Remove Individual Menu Items

We can remove individual MenuItem in ContextMenu using the following properties. The removal can be done by right clicking on it.

  • ShowHiddenMenuItem
  • ShowFloatingMenuItem
  • ShowFloatingMenuItem
  • ShowDockableMenuItem
  • ShowTabbedMenuItem
  • ShowTabbedMenuItem
  • ShowAutoHiddenMenuItem
  • ShowDocumentMenuItem
  • ShowCloseMenuItem
  • ShowHorizontalTabGroupMenuItem
  • ShowVerticalTabGroupMenuItem
  • ShowMovetoNextTabGroupMenuItem
  • ShowMovetoPreviousTabGroupMenuItem
  • ShowRestoreMenuItem
  • ShowMoveMenuItem
  • ShowResizeMenuItem
  • ShowMinimizeMenuItem
  • ShowMaximizedMenuItem

The below code shows how to disable Tabbed menu item using ShowTabbedMenuItem attached property


	<Grid Name="grid1" syncfusion:DockingManager.ShowTabbedMenuItem="False"/>  

DockingManager.SetShowTabbedMenuItem(grid1, false);


Similarly you can use other properties to disable corresponding MenuItems.