WPF SpreadsheetControl (Classic) Overview

4 May 20215 minutes to read

Spreadsheet control enables you to create, manipulate and save an Excel document with the native excel format, without depending on Microsoft Excel. It does not require Microsoft Excel to be installed in the machine.

You can open and modify any Excel document that is compatible with the following Excel versions:

  • Excel 97 (.xls)
  • Excel 2000 (.xls)
  • Excel 2002 (.xls)
  • Excel 2003 (.xls)
  • Excel 2007 (.xlsx)
  • Excel 2010 (.xlsx)

Use Case Scenarios

Spreadsheet control enables you to create, view and manipulate large Excel documents in your application quickly and efficiently.

You can use this in sales tracking application to generate and customize a report on sales figures.

You can use this in a banking application to allow the users to customize monthly statements and save it in Microsoft Excel format.

Feature Summary

This section provides the basic information about some important features of Essential Grid with their definition and usage.

Create, Open and Save Excel Document

Spreadsheet control supports you to create the Excel documents without having the Microsoft Excel in your system. Also you can able to open the existing Excel documents in Spreadsheet control and modify and save the contents in the Excel documents.


Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting feature allows you to apply formats to a cell or range of cells depending on the value of cells or formula that meet specific criteria.

Number formatting

Using the number formatting feature, you can change the appearance of a number or value in a cell. This number formatting does not change the actual number, but just change the way it appears in the cell. This feature improves the appearance of the spreadsheet and makes the numbers easier to read and understand.

Cell formatting

Cell formatting feature allows you to change font style for the data you entered into the cells. The color and size of the fonts, cell backgrounds, and cell borders can also be changed using this feature.

Merge cells

Using this feature, you can merge two or more adjacent cells into a single cell and display the contents of one cell in the merged cell. You can also merge the contents of multiple cells and display them in one cell.

Data Validation

Data validation feature helps you to ensure the data integrity by enforcing end users to enter valid data into the cells. You can also write your own input message that appears before entering data; it helps the users to acquaint with valid data. You can also write an error message that appears in case of any invalid data entered.

Copy and Paste

Spreadsheet control allows you to copy the data or formulas from one or more cells and paste them to other cells in the same worksheet, or in different worksheets.

Fill series

Spreadsheet control has the support for fill series as like in Microsoft Excel. By using the fill series feature, you can automatically fill the data based on the previous cells. This control also features copy series, and fill with/without formatting supports as like in Excel.


Spreadsheet control supports most commonly used mathematical formulas and also supports all the formulas that are supported by the Essential Grid control. These formulas can be used to manipulate data and calculate strings and numbers.

Name ranges

Spreadsheet control also supports the name ranges in the formulas. By using the name ranges, you can specify the name of the cell range, and then you can use it in the formula more easily without hassling of remembering cell locations.

Review Options


Spreadsheet control also supports comments that provide additional information about a cell such as what the value represents. And it would be useful for you if you want the end users to understand the data cells more deeply.

Protect workbook

Spreadsheet control allows you to protect the workbook. By using the workbook protection level, you can only lock-down the structure and worksheet window, which enables you to prevent workbook from any structural change or from any change in size.

Protect sheet

Spreadsheet control also allows you to protect worksheets. With the worksheet protection, you can have total control of particular worksheet by protecting each element in the worksheet. In this level of protection you can prevent users from modifying values, cells, formula, name ranges, etc.

Encrypt and Decrypt

Spreadsheet control supports you to encrypt and decrypt the Excel document by using the passwords.

Add or Remove Worksheet

Spreadsheet control also supports you to add or remove the worksheets in the Excel document.

Hide or Show Worksheet

Spreadsheet control also supports you to hide or show the worksheet in the Excel document.

View Options

Freeze panes

It enables you to freeze certain rows or columns of the spreadsheet so that they remain visible at all times while scrolling to the right or down. Freezing headings on the screen makes it easier to read your data in the spreadsheet.


By using this feature, you can change the zoom level of the Spreadsheet control. This allows you to zoom in the spreadsheet to get a close-up view of the cells or zoom out to see more number of cells in the spreadsheet.

Formula Bar

The formula bar displays the data or formula stored in the selected active cell. The formula bar can be used to enter or edit a formula or data in a cell. You can also show or hide the formula bar similar to Microsoft Excel.

Grid lines

Grid lines are the faint lines that appear around cells. They are used to distinguish cells on the spreadsheet. By default, grid lines are displayed in the Spreadsheet control. You can also disable the visibility of grid lines in spreadsheet.


You can also enable and disable the heading in the Spreadsheet control similar to Microsoft Excel.

Spreadsheet control supports the hyperlink navigation. The hyperlink is a convenient way to navigate or browse date within a worksheet or other worksheets in a workbook.

SpreadsheetRibbon Support

Spreadsheet control provides SpreadsheetRibbon support to format the cells and workbook. It gives Microsoft Excel like appearance to the Spreadsheet control.

Commands Support

Spreadsheet Control also provides the support for the Commands, to format the cells and workbook.