Text Formatting Using HyperlinkAdv in WPF RichTextBoxAdv (Classic)

5 May 20212 minutes to read

HyperlinkAdv can be kept only inside the ParagraphAdv since the content property of ParagraphAdv is Inline. It allows you to display the formatted text using advanced features like NavigationUrl and TargetType. It simply differs by these properties when compared to SpanAdv.


Property Description Type Data Type
Text Contains the text information. Dependency Property String
Baseline Indicates whether the inline text is subscript or superscript. Dependency Property Baseline
NavigateURL Holds the URL to which the page navigates to. Dependency Property String
TargetType Indicates whether to open the link in the same window or in a new window. Dependency Property HyperlinkTargetType
FontFamily Specifies the font family of the text. Dependency Property FontFamily
FontSize Specifies the size of the font. Dependency Property Double
Foreground Designates the font color. Dependency Property Color
HighlightColor Designates the highlight color of the text. Dependency Property Color
Strikethrough Shows whether the text has SingleStrikeThrough or DoubleStrikeThrough. Dependency Property StrikeThrough
FontWeight Indicates the font weight of the text. Dependency Property FontWeight
Underline Indicates whether the text should be underlined. Dependency Property Underline

 Add HyperlinkAdv to an Application

HyperlinkAdv can be added directly to an application by using the following code snippet:

<syncfusion:RichTextBoxAdv Height="300" Width="400" x:Name="richtext">            
 <syncfusion:HyperlinkAdv Text="This is Hyperlink text"/>                   
RichTextBoxAdv richtext = new RichTextBoxAdv();          
 DocumentAdv document = new DocumentAdv();          
 SectionAdv section = new SectionAdv();          
 ParagraphAdv paragraph = new ParagraphAdv();         
 HyperlinkAdv hyperlink = new HyperlinkAdv();         
 hyperlink.Text = "This is Hyperlink text";          
 richtext.Document = document;