Item Selection

In CheckListBox, selection of item can be done by single click using the property IsCheckOnFirstClick. If it is false, then the selection is done when double click is detected. By default, the value of this property is “True”.

Here is the code for setting this property.

<!-- Adding CheckListBox -->
<syncfusion:CheckListBox Name="checkListBox" IsCheckOnFirstClick="True"> 
<!-- Adding CheckListBox items -->  
<syncfusion:CheckListBoxItem Content="Mexico"/>
<syncfusion:CheckListBoxItem Content="Canada" /> 
<syncfusion:CheckListBoxItem Content="Bermuda" /> 
<syncfusion:CheckListBoxItem Content="Belize" />  
<syncfusion:CheckListBoxItem Content="Panama" />
// Enable the IsCheckOnFirstClick property.
checkListBox.IsCheckOnFirstClick = true;  </td></tr>

Item selection property

IsCheckOnFirstClick = “True”