Choosing a color from MoreColor dialog

In addition to colors in Theme colors and Standard colors, MoreColor feature allows you to select wide range of color options. You can select any custom color with various opacity level based on requirement.

Select a color from MoreColor dialog

If you wants any custom colors to select with various opacity level, click the more color button and select the color from color spectrums and click the Ok button.

<syncfusion:SfColorPalette ShowMoreColorsButton="true"
sfColorPalette.ShowMoreColorsButton = true;

SfColorPalette with more color dialog

Hide more color option

If you want to restrict the user to select the color from MoreColor dialog, hide the MoreColor button by using ShowMoreColorsButton property value as false. The default value of ShowMoreColorsButton property is true.

<syncfusion:SfColorPalette ShowMoreColorsButton="False"
                           Name="sfColorPalette" />
sfColorPalette.ShowMoreColorsButton = false;

SfColorPalette hides the more color option