Essential Studio for WinUI Release Notes

November 07, 2023


Bug Fixes

  • #I509816 - The StackOverflowException will no longer be thrown while calling UpdateDocumentFields API.
  • #I513324 - Justification is now applied properly while converting a Word document to PDF.
  • #F47647 - The ArgumentNullException will no longer be thrown while opening a DOCX format document.
  • Shape is now preserved properly while resaving a DOCX format document.
  • Hanging issue will no longer occurs while calling UpdateDocumentFields API.


Bug Fixes

  • #I512183 - ArgumentOutOfRangeException no longer occurs when removing child bookmarks.
  • #F185038 - The issue of missing keys in the dictionary during image extraction from a specific PDF document has been successfully resolved.
  • #I513128 - The issue with PdfBookletCreator not working as expected for landscape pages has been fixed.
  • #I513761 - The issue of NullReferenceException during text extraction from the specific PDF document has been fixed.
  • #I515129 - The exception issue that occurred after enabling FIPSAlgorithmPolicy during PDF document compression has been successfully resolved.
  • #I508682, #I514993, #I505909 - The preservation issue will no longer occur while converting PDF to PDF/A.


Bug Fixes

  • #I514462 - SVG image is now replaced properly in PowerPoint Presentation.


Bug fixes

  • #I504938 - Now, the Context Menu will be shown properly when right-clicking on the editing cell.


Bug Fixes

  • #I510301 - External formula does not calculated properly after enabling EnableSheetCalculations before formula is now calculated properly.
  • #I515816 - Slicer shape size changed while selecting the slicer item in Excel document is now preserved properly.
  • #I516055 - System.ArgumentException is no longer thrown while adding the watermark if workbook contains only watermark sheet.
  • #I512348 - Horizontal line colors of scatter chart is now rendered properly in chart to image conversion.