Essential Studio for WinUI Release Notes

October 31, 2023


Bug Fixes

  • #I512697 - The issue of text not being preserved properly when converting PDF to PDF/A-2b has been successfully resolved.
  • #I512183 - The exception no longer occurs when removing the PDF bookmark.
  • #I513188 - The issue of text not being properly retrieved from the loaded XfaComboBox field has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #I500989 - Find API is now working properly for Detailed Process type SmartArt shape.
  • #I502634 - Relation ID is now added properly for image while replacing an existing image data in PowerPoint Presentation.
  • #I511583 - Custom shape is now preserved properly while converting a PowerPoint Presentation to PDF.
  • #I510013 - The NullReferenceException will no longer be thrown while saving the PowerPoint Presentation with cloned OLE Object.
  • #I513125 - The ArgumentOutOfRangeException will no longer be thrown while using GetActualHeight method.
  • PowerPoint Presentation to PDF with handout publishing option is now working properly.


Bug Fixes

  • #I505927 - Now the ValueChanging event with e.Cancel as True will prevent value change in SfMaskedTextBox.


Bug fixes

  • #I510733 - Now, pasting the data will work properly when copying the data along with empty cells from Excel.


Bug Fixes

  • #I510360 - Image height and width are now preserved correctly while adding a picture in an Excel document.
  • #I511902 – JPG image is added properly while creating an Excel document.
  • #I510816 - The unwanted symbol is no longer added to a text while decoding the text in a shared string.
  • #I506153 - Space between cell border and accounting format text is now rendered properly in Excel to PDF conversion.
  • #Fb47623 - Blank cells in chart data are no longer considered as zero when show empty cells as gaps option is enabled.
  • #Fb47720 - Scatter chart category axis label is now rendered properly in chart to image conversion
  • #Fb47718 - Chart axis tick marks are now rendered properly in chart-to-image conversion.
  • #Fb47622 - The chart data point with no line pattern is rendered properly in chart-to-image conversion.
  • #Fb47677 – The default marker issue in the scatter chart is now fixed in chart-to-image conversion.