Essential Studio for WinUI Release Notes

October 24, 2023


Bug Fixes

  • #I508821 - Text form field now added properly while converting a Word document to PDF.
  • #I507877 - The ArgumentOutOfRangeException will no longer be thrown while comparing two DOCX format documents.


Bug Fixes

  • #F184819 - The issue of an invalid signature while signing a specific PDF document has been resolved.
  • #I509970 - The preservation issue no longer occurs when using the DrawPdfTemplate function with a specific PDF document.
  • #I509903 - The issue where unwanted graphics objects were rendered while filling the specific PDF document has been fixed.
  • #F184668 - The IsDocumentModified API does not function as expected when used with multi-signed PDF documents.


Bug Fixes

  • #I506628 - Exception is no longer thrown when opening an Excel document in ParseWorksheetsOnDemand option.
  • #I507996 - Null reference exception is no longer thrown while converting Excel document to PDF with centered horizontally setting.
  • #F509007 - Provided an API to get the format type in cell in the IRange.